Are Optical Audio Cables Fragile

When sending audio signals from a source device to a receiving device, optical cables are used. The distinction between optical cables and other types of cables is that optical cables transfer messages using light, whilst other types of cables do not. The most often asked question nowadays is whether or not these optical cables are fragile.

In general, optical audio cables can be classified as fragile. When compared to most other widely used cables for transmitting audio signals,  optical cables are more fragile, particularly in the sense that they can easily be bent and twisted. As a result, the signal transmission may be hindered as a result.

Because optical audio cables transmit signals by the use of light, they will not function correctly if they are bent. As a result, the signals will not be properly conveyed if the cables are bent. Therefore, you must ensure that the wires do not get twisted, since these cables are quite fragile in nature.

Furthermore, when you stomp on them or strain them too abruptly, optical audio cables may quickly get deformed or twisted, resulting in a distorted sound. In order to prevent having them laying about on the floor, it may be a good idea to keep them out of the way.

Another issue that contributes to the fragility of these optical audio cables is the shattering of the sheath that is included inside the cable. 

Despite the fact that it is not visible, it is one of the primary reasons why these optical audio connections fail to function properly. This may be made worse by merely bending or twisting the wire in the wrong direction. There is no other way to resolve this issue other than to just purchase a new cable.

For you to determine whether or not your cables are in good working order, you should connect them to your audio equipment (both source as well as a receiver) and observe whether they are still able to transfer light.

How severe may the damage to optical cables be?

As previously said, one of the worst things that could happen to your optical cables is for them to get bent or to have any sharp kinks. This is because these issues may cause the cable to become broken, which will prevent light from being transmitted.

The presence of bends in your optical audio cable, even if they do not seem to be broken immediately, indicates that the cable is in danger of breaking sooner or later. The amount of harm that is done to your optical audio cable will be determined by the degree of damage that has been done to the cable in the first place.

In the case of minor twists in your cables, your optical audio cables may not be severely harmed; on the other hand, significant bends and kinks in your wires may cause serious damage to your optical audio cables.

Preventing Optical Audio Cable Damage: What You Should Know

Generally speaking, while working with optical audio cables, the most important thing to remember is to handle them with extreme care.

You must thus take care not to put too much effort into your optical audio cables, since this may lead them to shatter or fracture over time if too much force is applied. Furthermore, they may create a significant amount of attenuation, resulting in a loss of light and other consequences.

Furthermore, you must take precautions to avoid treading on these cables; thus, if they are located on the floor of your house, make sure they are not directly trodden on or that they are covered to protect them from being damaged.

When the damage to your optical audio cable is caused by a break in the protective sheath inside the cable, there is no way to repair the cable in this situation. Consequently, if this occurs, the only thing that you can do is get a new optical audio cable for your equipment.


Optical cables are very fragile. They have a relatively long lifespan though they are not as durable as other digital cables. When compared to other types of cables, optical cables are more prone to bends, which makes them extremely fragile since the bends and twists may cause signal loss or attenuation. Taking good care of your optical audio cables can help prevent all these problems. 

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