Can You Convert Digital Audio To Analog?

Converting digital audio to analog never happened to be something that I had to consider figuring out until the need for using an external speaker setup for my TV. And I can bet as many modern smart TV continue to get thinner, the onboard speakers continue to undermine the quality of audio coming from those built-in speakers. This is where the need for connecting your smart tv to your home hifis and amplifiers comes in to help you get the best tv sound setup possible. Sadly, most AVR’s don’t feature a digital audio input adapter for analog, requiring a DAC converter device to handle the digital audio signal’s input and output from your source device. But, can you convert digital audio to analog speaker output?

Digital to analog converter adapters can be used to successfully convert digital audio from your smart tv and convert it to analog– usually via dual phonos, connected to your conventional external analog audio bookshelf speaker system.

How Do I Convert Digital Audio To RCA?

There are several reasons why you may have to convert your digital coaxial audio to RCA. For example, you may not be so pleased with your TV’s audio performance and therefore want to change the digital coaxial audio to RCA so that you get better audio. 

This issue is very common, especially when you buy new televisions as they have a smaller form factor and do not have so much space in the TV for the speakers. Therefore, this problem can easily be solved by connecting the television set to an external audio system that predominantly uses RCA speaker connections. But, how do you convert digital audio to RCA that can connect to your analog tv speaker systems?

To convert digital coaxial audio to RCA, you need to have digital audio to an analog converter adapter. The DAC device converts the digital audio signal into an analog signal. It then outputs this signal though the RCA output port. It is also possible to convert the digital audio to RCA without using an adapter.  

Steps to convert digital coaxial to RCA

Setting up a digital to analog converter is very easy. First you need to consider that your TV or source device has a digital audio output. 

  1. The first thing that you need to check is if your device supports an Optical connection or a coaxial connection. You should also have a stereo cable for the conversion to be a success. You can start the process once you have everything that you need. 
  2. Before you start connecting anything, first go to your TV set up settings. On the audio output settings, change it to LPCM so that your converter performs very well. 
  3. Connect your digital audio cable to the adapter, the other end should be connected to your source device. Make sure that you secure a connection. 
  4. Next, connect your RCA cable to the adapter. Connect the other end of this cable to your device. This will ensure that the digital audio signals are transmitted. 
  5. Once everything is set, you can then enjoy your audio. 

Converting digital audio to RCA without using an adapter

To convert digital audio to RCA without using an adapter requires you to have a VCR device. Before you start connecting the cables, you need to ensure that your device is able to support a digital audio output. check the kind of cables that you need to use, whether you need a coaxial cable or an optical cable. 

You should also check if the device has to be connected to a stereo audio system. In this case, make sure that you have an RCA cable.. 

Step 1

Start by connecting all the cables. The VCR device contains ports that are located on the back. These ports are what you use to connect the cables. 

Connect the optical cable or your coaxial cable on the ports on the VCR. You should also connect your RCA cable. Each of these cables should be connected to the right port. 

Step 2

The second step involves connecting to your television. The RCA cables should be connected to your RCA cables.  

Step 3

Make sure to turn on the VCR and your television. On the VCR, change the video input to TV. You can the start navigating through the channels. The same steps should be followed if you are using a cable box instead. 

What equipment do I need to convert digital audio to RCA

For you to successfully convert digital audio to RCA, you need to have the right equipment. 

You will need to have a RCA cable, A digital audio cable (this can be a coaxial cable or an optical cable). You will also need to have a digital audio converter. The digital audio converter works to change the digital signals to analog signals. The coaxial cable and the optical cable transit digital signals. On the other hand, the RCA cables transmit analog signals.  

Coaxial and RCA cables

RCA cables and coaxial cables can easily be mistakes as they look really similar. They are used for digital audio out. 

 An RCA cable is used for connecting audio devices as well as video devices. The coaxial cable also does the same function. It is made of an inner conductor and insulated material. This helps to provide shielding from radio frequency interference. 

As newer cables are coming in the picture, the RCA and coaxial cables are greatly declining. This is because newer cables like DCI, fiber optics, and HDMI can offer many new features. 

About RCA 

RCA means Radio Corporation of America. RCA cables offer a variety of uses. They are used to connect video equipment as well as audio equipment. 

RCA cables allows you to connect certain devices like camcorders, however, it is not possible to use an RCA cable with a digital device directly. 

RCA cables come in different types. There are component cables and composite video cables. These two cables are different in such a way that composite video RCA cables carry date through a single channel while the component RCA uses multiple channels. 

The component RCA cable produces high-quality signals whereas the composite video RCA produces cables low-quality signals since it combines three channels into a single signal. 

About optical Digital Cable

The optical cable is usually known as the TOSLINK connection, digital audio out and optical audio. This cable transmits digital signals. The optical connection is also found in most audio devices such as sound bars, AV receivers and more. These are used to send audio signals only. They are capable of supporting audio formats such as uncompressed PCM stereo, 5.1 Dolby digital and DTS. 

On your device. This connection will usually have a small flap that will cover the port. Audio optical delivers high quality audio. To connect the optical cable to your device needs to have an audio output while the other device needs to be the optical input. 

About coaxial cable

Coaxial cables have a lot of uses. These can be used for RCA cabling. Coaxial is also commonly used to transmit video signals, audio signals and radiofrequency. They can also be used for Internet communication as well as connecting antennas and receivers. 

coaxial cables are used to transmit digital signals. They make use of electric signals for the signal transmission. Coaxial cables have a great bandwidth. They also supports 5.1 Dolby surround sound. 

These cables also come at a good price. This is one of the reasons why they are still widely used today. They are also a very good option when it comes to extended cabling. 

Coaxial cables have a very easy installation process. They have a good capacity ensuring that it is able transfer a large amount of data. These cables so come in different kinds. The mist commonly used RCA cable is the RG6 coaxial cable. Other kinds include the hard-line coaxial cable, twin axial cable and the trial axial. 

When Should I Use an Optical Connection, Coaxial Connections

It can be very confusing when you need to use these connections. For example you may have an HDMI connection, an optical connection as well as a coaxial connection. 

If your equipment has an HDMI port, we suggest that you use the HFMI port for digital audio transfers. HDMI has a great advantage because it has support for high-resolution formats. It also transmits audio signals as well as video signals through one cable. 

However, if you are using a device that lacks an HDMI port but is equipped with a coaxial connection or an optical connection. For audio transfers, these will work very well. The optical audio is a very good choice. It allows you to listen to audio in stereo standard as well as 5.1 Dolby digital. You can connect your television yo a soundbar, hifi system, or surround sound system with an optical cable.

The coaxial cable is also a very good option if you are working with a device that lacks an HDMI port. You can use this to connect your CD player with your amplifier. 

What is better coaxial or optical? 

Coaxial and optical digital audio formats are very similar. The sound quality that they offer is the same especially when you use the same format. Both of these two connections transmit digital signals only. 

Coaxial cable is better than Optical cables. In terms of the resolution, the coaxial connection is recommended as it has a higher resolution. The optical support a resolution of 24/96 while the coaxial supports a resolution of 24/192. 

In terms of signal interference, the optical connection is more recommended. This is because it is not as greatly affected by interference as the coaxial is. 


Converting digital audio to RCA is an easy process. You start by connecting a digital audio cable to the digital to analog converter. The digital audio cable could be an optical cable or a digital coaxial cable, depending on your device’s connections. In some cases, you may have to use an analog audio decoder. You then use the RCA cables to connect your audio converter. 

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