Can you use a FiOS router with Xfinity? ( Solved!)

Can you use a FiOS router with Xfinity?

When you are getting cable internet service like Verizon Fios, or Xfinity, you have a few options for your router. As more areas become covered by other local area Verizon FiOS internet alternative providers, more people looking to switch or getting a new Fios connection are wondering and asking if a Verizon router can be used with Comcast Xfinity service?

In general, you can use the Fios quantum gateway from Verizon withy Xfinity. They both are pure fiber services proving their super fast internet connection via an optical network terminal for your home internet connection.

The Fios Quantum gateway is a Verizon-specific modem and router combination, even though the box only contains the modem part. Since many people want to use their own router for home internet, installing it as the main router is the most feasible option with this device.

You can use any DOCSIS 3.0/3.1 cable modem and router in conjunction with Xfinity. Since the Quantum gateway is a combo unit, you can use it as your modem with Comcast provided you use your own router.

You will want to check with Comcast before purchasing any devices or service though, to make sure that they are not already blocking usage of other companies gateways on their network.

There are still options if Comcast is blocking other cable modem and router combinations that use the same DOCSIS 3.0/3.1 standard in their area, but you will need to check with them before attempting to purchase any router or modems.

If your area does not have this block in place, you can purchase a CableLabs compliant router and MODEM. With them, you will not have to clone the mac address, or any other possible restrictions that block Fios Quantum gateway clone settings for the Comcast Xfinity service.

The CableLabs device is a sure way to use Verizon Fios quantum gateway as your only modem and router combination with Comcast Xfinity.

Many people find this solution to work well since the modem and router combo units are always cheaper than buying them separately. Almost all of these units allow you to access advanced settings, so you can still get your own network security and features by adding on your choice of wireless router.

The CableLabs device will not work if Comcast is actively blocking the Fios Quantum device in your area. You will need to contact Comcast customer service, or use an alternative ISP for your internet if you are not allowed to use these gateways with Xfinity.

You can also call Verizon support and see what they have to say about using their modem along with another router if Comcast forces their hand in blocking your connection.

My goal here is only to help you answer the question of whether or not Fios Quantum gateway is compatible with Xfinity, if it is blocked in your area, and what router combinations are available for use with Comcast.

Though Xfinity provides their own router, buying your own is always more beneficial. There are also many third party router options that will work just as well as the Xfinity-provided wireless routers.

What Is Xfinity Fios?

XFINITY is Comcast’s residential broadband division, which has been in operation since 2002. In 2015 they merged with Charter and have been making infrastructure changes to increase the speed of their network across most major cities in America. They also provide voice, television, and mobile services under the XFINITY brand.

Using Verizon Fios Gateway router On Xfinity

If you decide to save some money, then it is possible to use your Verizon FiOS router with Xfinity. First of all, you need to switch off DHCP and then save your settings. After that, you need to plug it into the modem and it should work just fine.

If you decide not to buy a new router for Xfinity, what you can do is borrow one from a friend or family member who already has Comcast service. You can also get FiOS Quantum Gateway (VG224) on Amazon.

Setting up Fios router to work with Xfinity

To set up a Verizon Fios router to work on Xfinity, you must change the subnet address. To find your subnet address, open command prompt on Windows or terminal on Mac and type “ipconfig” without quotes.

Then look for your router name (default is admin) and the default gateway number which is The subnet mask is, unless you have changed it on the previous steps.

Then type this code into your browser (or whatever default gateway number you picked). It should bring up a username and password page like this one:

Type in “admin” for both username and password and press enter.

It will bring you to your router homepage where you can change the settings.

Configure Router Page: How To Change Settings

First, go to basic setup and type in a new IP address for your router on the same network as the Xfinity DHCP server, like

Then click apply settings and restart your router, then test your internet connection to see if it works. If it still doesn’t connect, go back into the router page and make sure you pick a new IP address that is not in use, like or similar to the one already made by Xfinity DHCP.

Another thing you can do is go into the subnet mask and make it one number less than your primary router. For example, if your primary router has a default of, change your Fios’s subnet to or lower so you minimize the chance of a conflict. In other words, make the router set to one number less than the DHCP on your primary router.

Under advanced settings you can customize your DNS server and speed up wireless by changing it from auto to manual or disabling it altogether if you don’t need a WiFi connection for Xfinity or want to use a third party router.

Using Your Own Router With Xfinity

If you decide not to use the provided router, or if your free rental period has expired, you can use any third party modem or router with Comcast service.

Xfinity will still provide you with a router for free during your first year of service. After that, if you wish to continue using your own router, you’ll need to pay for the equipment that Comcast will provide (a fee of $7.45 per month). This is something to consider if you already have a router you want to use with Xfinity.

You may also want to purchase a separate modem, as renting one from Comcast costs about $10 per month.

Before you purchase a new router to use with Xfinity, it is important to understand your internet needs so you can compare routers that are compatible with Comcast service.

You should look for DOCSIS 3.0 or 2.0 compatibility if possible, as these are the newer standards that will let you enjoy faster speeds. The best way to check compatibility is by visiting the manufacturer’s website.

Is It Worth Switching From Fios To Xfinity?

If you are looking for a change, then it may be worth considering Comcast over Verizon FiOS. Comcast offers faster speeds at lower prices, even with promotions. Also, Comcast has more reliable service and better customer support.

Verizon has its advantages, though, including higher speeds and better customer service ratings. If you are looking for a change, it may be worthwhile to compare the two providers directly to make an informed decision about your internet service.

Overal, setting up any Fios router to work with Xfinity is not challenging and if the above tips and steps do not work for you, then you can try these options. First of all, turn off your FiOS Quantum Gateway (VG224). Remove the coax cable that is plugged into it completely.

Leave it like this at least for 30 seconds. Then, plug the coax cable into the Fios Quantum Gateway (VG224) and turn it on. After that, unplug your modem from its power source for 30 seconds. Turn it back on and plug the coax cable into your modem. You should be able to connect with Comcast after you do these steps correctly.


When you have Verizon Fios and want to switch over to Comcast, it only make sense to re-use. Since they are the same company does that mean I can keep my Fios Router? Does Comcast offer any routers or will I need to get one elsewhere? Can I still use my own router with Xfinity? If you have a FiOS Quantum Gateway or a similar Verizon Router, then read on.

The short answer is YES, you can re-use your Fios router from Verizon as long as it’s not one of the models listed as blocked. Comcast will provide you with a free “wireless cable modem” to use during your first year of service, but after that you can install your own router if you wish.

This is a huge benefit for Verizon customers who have been looking at Comcast as an alternative ever since they combined with Time Warner Cable and other cable providers. And the fact that you won’t have to get a new ISP even if you change your router is just icing on the cake.

If you’re still not sure whether Comcast will work with your router, just go to their website and type in your model number. If it’s not listed as being compatible, there should be a doc that gives more detailed info about how to use it.

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