Do keyboard covers cause overheating? (Solved!)

Do keyboard covers cause overheating?

Keyboard covers are becoming an increasingly popular accessory for many people, In the modern world, many people rely on computers for everything from work to entertainment. Our digital lives can’t function without a keyboard and a mouse.

But keyboard covers have become a topic of debate amongst computer users. Some computer users feel that silicon covers cause overheating of their keyboards which can reduce productivity and lead to reduced battery life on devices.

However, the growing gap between yea and nays to using keyboard covers can not be ignored. Others say that using silicone keyboard covers doesn’t affect the performance of their computers or change their functions. But is the use of a keyboard cover causing them to overheat?

In general, computer keyboard covers do not cause overheating. They protect the keyboard from dusty build-up, direct water, or drink spills and make cleaning your keyboard easier than leaving the keyboard exposed to environmental elements that erode keyboard keys and electronic components inside it.

The majority of the research on keyboard covers causing overheating has concluded that keyboard covers do not cause overheating, they are beneficial to the longevity of the keyboard, protection from dust that can easily cause BSOD are some exceptions depending on the user. However, keyboard covers are not a new concept. People have been using keyboards under covers for many years.

A variation of a keyboard cover is in the form of a keyboard tray. A keyboard tray is usually made out of plastic and can be used to protect a keyboard. Some keyboard trays may be built into a computer enclosure.

The keyboard on your laptop is one of the most essential components of the computer. While you may also choose to use the trackpad or, more likely, a mouse connected to your device, the keyboard is where you will type, enter instructions, and execute tasks on your device.

Many individuals purchase keyboard covers in order to keep their laptops safe from harm. Some, on the other hand, just use them for the sake of appearance. However, can these keyboard covers cause overheating?

Many individuals are concerned that using keyboard covers would cause their laptops to overheat since the coverings will block the vents. However, the vents on the majority of laptops are not located underneath the keyboard keys. Therefore, using a keyboard protector will not result in overheating.

How a Laptop Cover Works

A laptop case functions similarly to a phone case or screen protector. The keyboard cover will protect the keyboard from any damage caused by spillage or dirt. Therefore, If liquids or dirt get between the keys, they will not be able to damage the delicate motherboard underneath. Most of these attachments are composed of silicone, polyurethane, or plastic, depending on the material.

In this case, the keyboard cover is placed on top of it. It is intended to have a tight fit on the keyboard keys. These covers are also simple to put on and take off, exactly as a phone case would be. Some keyboards feature flaps that are attached to the base of the keyboard using glue. When typing, this feature aids in keeping the protective cover more securely.

The Benefits of Using a Keyboard Cover

There are many reasons to consider purchasing a keyboard cover for your laptop, which are listed below.

1. To keep your keyboard clean and free of dirt and minor spills.

Although keyboard covers will not protect your laptop from large spills, which will most likely seep into other places such as the trackpad as well as ports, they will shield your keyboard from small spills such as splashes and droplets of water.

2. To Reduce the Intensity of Keyboard Clicks

The material serves as a sound barrier, dampening the numerous undesirable noises that the keyboards are capable of producing. Of course, this is terrible news if you like the sharp clicks of the keyboard as you type.

3. It’s less difficult to clean

It is possible to clean the keyboard’s nooks using compressed air, but using a keyboard cover renders cleaning considerably simpler. You just remove it off your Laptop, soak it in a little amount of soapy water, allow it to air dry, and then replace it on your Laptop.

4. It helps to keep your keyboard from becoming worn out.

The use of a keyboard protector will help you to maintain your keyboard in immaculate shape since it will prevent your keyboard from wearing. It may provide protection against texture wear as well as delamination, which may result in backlight showing through.

5. It has a pleasing aesthetic appearance

Using a keyboard cover on your laptop may make it more visually appealing. The majority of covers are available in a variety of designs.

What to Look for When Purchasing a Keyboard Case

It may be difficult to know where to begin when looking for a keyboard cover for the first time. Providing you know what you’re looking for, shouldn’t be too tough.

Keyboard Cover Compatibility

This is, without a doubt, the most important element. You’re looking for a keyboard cover that will be a great match for your keyboard. Typing with a loose-fitting cover may be difficult and irritating due to the lack of protection. Take note of the keyboard’s arrangement as well.

Keyboard Cover Price

Keyboard covers are available for purchase for between $6 and $25. The less expensive coverings are adequate for the task at hand and are available in a variety of colors and patterns. The mid-range coverings are of higher quality than the lower-priced alternatives.

These laptop covers are more comfortable to use and are constructed of very durable materials. If you are a frequent laptop user, you may wish to consider the higher-end covers. They will provide you with better protection, which will save you the hassle of replacing a laptop cover.

Keyboard Cover Material

Keyboard covers are usually constructed of one of two types of materials: leather or plastic. Silicone and plastic are the materials in question. Plastic covers are inexpensive, however, they may be ill-fitting and difficult to write on. Plastic coverings are also available in just one color: clear.

Keyboard Cover Thickness

You want the thinnest possible cover so that it doesn’t come into contact with the screen when you shut down your laptop. Despite the fact that ultra-thin keyboards are more costly, they do not leave scratches on your screen or do any other harm to it.

Laptop Keyboard Cover Types

Laptop keyboard covers may be purchased in silicone, TPU, hard plastic, soft plastic, or vinyl material. Sturdy plastic covers are the best option for everyday use. They are also much cheaper than keyboard covers made of silicone.

The most popular laptop keyboard covers are made of TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane), hard plastic, or silicone.

TPU Keyboard Cover

TPU keyboard cover available on the market today are usually made by the same plastic polymer used to make plastic bags, garbage bags and food storage containers. It is lightweight, durable and shock-resistant. It is also quite flexible, giving your laptop a new look.

TPU keyboard covers are available in different sizes and are made to fit most laptops. Some TPU keyboard covers are not only practical but also protect your laptop from scratches.

They are made to size and specs that allow them to function without causing overheating issues synonymous with the use of real leather.

The covers are designed to be waterproof, making them excellent for use in rainy conditions.

Silicone Computer Keyboard Covers

Silicone computer keyboard covers protect keyboards from dust, moisture, and other contaminants and provide a protective barrier for the keyboard. They also provide a comfortable, ergonomic surface to rest your keyboard on, and can be used as a stand, to prop up your computer.

Vinyl Keyboard Covers

Vinyl keyboard covers are yet another type of computer keyboard cover option available for use to keep your computer keyboard safe. They protect keyboards from dust that affects peripherals, moisture, and other contaminants, and can be used as a stand, to prop up your computer.

Do MacBook covers cause overheating?

Using Macbook keyboard covers helps to keep your keyboard keys safe from environmental elements, but things can get even worse if you’re using a laptop keyboard cover that triggers overheating.

In general, Macbook keyboard covers do not cover overheating. They help protect keyboard keys, add a layer that makes cleaning them easy.

Whether or not the heat under your Macbook keyboard cover is coming from the Mac itself or from external computer accessories, when using a keyboard cover, it’s important to take precautions to ensure that your computer isn’t overheating.

Whether or not you’re using a MacBook, too much heat can cause all sorts of problems such as reduced battery life and more frequent crashes.


Keyboard covers do not typically cause overheating, but individuals using an already compromised computer keyboard may want to avoid them. If possible, it is recommended to install a keyboard cover that does not contact your computer’s motherboard.

Silicone keyboard covers are available in both clear and opaque varieties. Opaque covers often work better in terms of keeping the keyboard cool, but are generally more expensive.

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