Does Motherboard Come With Wifi? (Accessories Explained).

Does Motherboard Come With Wifi?

Computer motherboards and accessories that come along with it are often misunderstood by many novices . Keep on reading to learn more about the motherboard, its accessories, and whether it comes with wifi.

In general, a computer motherboard does not come with a wireless wifi adapter. They have an Ethernet port where you can plug in a wired internet cable to access online services via the internet.

People often say that the motherboard needs a desktop computer for it to function properly. This is not true, but one can’t deny the fact that some accessories such as a wireless wifi card(accessory) and wireless adapter (accessory) couldn’t be connected without motherboards.

Computer motherboards are essentially large printed circuit boards that have connectors or sockets designed to accommodate other components of a computer system such as memory modules, processors etc … so as to allow them to communicate with each other effectively.

The motherboard contains all kinds of essential parts and components of a computer system such as central processing unit (processor), graphics processing unit (GPU), storage devices like hard disk, optical disc drive, various slots for expansion cards etc.

Does A Computer Motherboard Come With Screws?

The biggest part of accessories that come with a good computer motherboard is the screws, cable ties, and also allocated sockets which are used to hold the processor, GPU and other parts of the computer system together.

Overall, motherboards come with screws. Each motherboard has standard Items of a measured quantity to meet basic installation needs. They come with a good number of screws along with some cable ties and some allocated sockets or slots for holding other components together.

Wifi is not included in the motherboard package itself unless you have bought a laptop motherboard combo so as to upgrade your current laptop architecture.

It may be an external wifi adapter instead depending on the model of wireless LAN card that can be attached via USB ports so as to provide connectivity to the internet wirelessly.

The only instance where a computer comes with wifi built into it is when you have bought a refurbished Apple iMac PC from Apple which has been factory reset by their technicians to meet standards set by apple standards.

Does A Computer Motherboard Come With Bluetooth Adapter?

Bluetooth connectivity adapters for computers are a vital addition to have in any computer. But, does the modern motherboard come with a Bluetooth adapter?

Generally, motherboards do not come with a Bluetooth adapter. They come with empty slots where you can mount the Bluetooth adapters when needed, but they do not supply Bluetooth adapter cards.

You can choose to buy a Bluetooth adapter separately. If you are buying external wifi adapters , then take care not to buy the wrong type of bluetooth adapter that is wired instead of wireless.

Does A Computer Motherboard Come With Wireless Internet?

Wireless internet connectivity does not come with motherboards unless it’s an Apple iMac computer which comes with AirDrop and Airplay wireless connectivity features as standard built-in parts of their latest operating systems.

If you’re looking for a wireless motherboard, then they aren’t cheap since you’ll have to spend a few hundred dollars on top of your regular motherboard costs if you want a fully functional one from Intel or ASUS. But Asus offers one hybrid board with both wired and wireless built-in.

Does A Computer Motherboard Come With An Optical Drive?

Typically, a computer motherboard usually comes with an optical drive. If it is old enough, then it might come without an optical drive as those were common back in the day when disc drives were optional to have.

It’s a good idea to buy a computer case that has a space for installing your own choice of CD/DVD drives or you’ll need to get a caddy type aftermarket laptop dock for this purpose.

That said, most modern motherboards do not come with an optical drive today because they are becoming obsolete technology and can be substituted by external USB based units instead if needed.

Does A Computer Motherboard Come With Soundcard?

As sound cards are also a vital aspect of computer system hardware, most motherboards come with built-in sound cards.

They do not need to be bought separately unless you are looking for an aftermarket third-party card that has better audio output or recording capabilities than the stock ones included in your motherboard bundle.

Does A Computer Motherboard Come With Network Adapter?

Network adapters are another crucial aspect of computer systems nowadays since they allow internet connections to take place wirelessly or via wired cabling depending on the type of adapter that is bought.

You should also note that not all WiFi antennas work out of the box and you might have to buy a separate adapter cable like the one used for PS3 controllers.

Can I Upgrade The Wifi Card On My Motherboard?

If by upgrading you mean buying a better aftermarket wireless card so as to improve your signal, then the answer is no. Different laptop model WiFi cards are built for different laptop models and will not work on another computer even if they are compatible with each other’s connection standards.

For example, upgrading the Dell i1545 wifi card to Dell wireless 1525 doesn’t work. Even though both cards share the same 802.11 b/g/n standards, yet there are internal hardware differences that prevent them from working together seamlessly.

It’s best that you buy a replacement motherboard or laptop dock aftermarket unit instead of wasting money on incompatible cards which will end up being faulty anyway.

Does A Computer Motherboard Come With Stand-Offs

Motherboard stand offs play an important part in computer hardware because they allow you to fix your motherboard in place so as not to short-circuit any of the internal components when mounted.

Typically, most motherboards come with standoffs already built-in but it’s a good idea to confirm this before buying anything since some models might require aftermarket additions in order for their parts to be properly mounted inside your custom case.

How Long Does A Motherboard Last Before It Needs To Be Replaced?

The life cycle of an average motherboard ranges from 2-5 years depending on its quality and components used by manufacturers to build them.

This means that higher-end models will last longer than entry level ones which are usually very cheap and Chinese-made. Such low-cost motherboards tend to die out very fast after a few months of intensive usage.

Does A Computer Motherboard Come With Serial Ports?

Although it is rare to find a motherboard with a serial port these days, if you do happen to encounter one, then all you have to do is install the right driver from your motherboard CD or from the internet and that’s about it.

Once done, your USB ports will support them as well as PS2 devices such as mice and keyboards which use the same plug-and-play method for installation purposes.

How Do I Check What Motherboard I Have In My Laptop?

It depends on how old your laptop is but by looking at its underside panel, you can pretty much tell what kind of motherboard it has inside.

For example, if your laptop is a Dell or HP model that’s more than five years old then chances are very high that you have one of the older motherboards with basic components such as SATA hard drives and PCI slots which are gradually being phased out these days in favor of newer ones with USB 3.0 ports and HDMI sockets.

If your laptop’s motherboard doesn’t have any serial port connections, modem slots or VGA/DVI connections then it might just mean that they won’t work since manufacturers tend to remove obsolete parts from new models over time.

For instance, some laptops might not come with parallel printer ports anymore because they’re too old but can be substituted by USB-based devices instead.

Does A Computer Motherboard Come With io Shields?

Ask anyone about a motherboard and io shields and they’ll look at you like you’re some kind of out of this world alien.

io shields might sound like advanced materials but, in reality, they are only pretty-looking metal covers that fit over your motherboard’s ports to give it a shiny and classy look.

Most modern motherboards no longer require the use of io shields because all their components such as USB connections and audio jacks are now built-in.

For example, if your computer doesn’t come with a modem slot (which is rare these days) then chances are high that it won’t be covered by an io shield unless you install one yourself or buy it separately from another motherboard model.

Does A Computer Motherboard Come With SATA Cables

SATA cables for your motherboard are used to power your SATA devices such as hard drives and optical drives.

In general, motherboards do not come with SATA cables. The hard drives and optical drives bought separately from your motherboard will come with SATA cables but not a motherboard.

It’s a good idea to measure the amount of space you have inside your custom case before buying anything just in case since their sizes range from about 7 cm to 20cm with some being flat while others are round.

Does A Computer Motherboard Come With Wireless PCIe?

A wireless PCIe card is an adapter that lets you connect any PC, laptop or notebook device without using wires or cables and that simply plugs into an available PCI Express slot on your motherboard.

The great thing about wireless PCIe adapters is that they offer superior speeds and data transfer rates which can go as high as 4 Gbps for really advanced models although those cost more than $100 so it might not be a good idea to buy one.

Does Motherboard Come With Bios?

A BIOS chip is a small memory device that comes with motherboards and laptops which stores the code needed to kickstart (boot) your computer when you switch it on.

The BIOS can be updated by inserting an external floppy disk or USB flash drive containing the new code into it once switched on but this should only be done if absolutely necessary because doing so might make your computer unbootable in some cases since newer BIOS updates tend to come with major changes that may not work well with your motherboard model.

Does A Computer Motherboard Come With Dongles?

Dongles are little pieces of metal that fit into mailslot connectors on your motherboard to provide extra ports for old-fashioned devices.

For example, if your motherboard doesn’t have a modem slot then you can buy an adapter dongle that plugs into the mailslot on your motherboard and provides you with one.

Dongles are more common on older laptops which require legacy connectors for their components but newer ones come with built-in wireless card slots instead of requiring separate adapters.

Does A Computer Motherboard Come With Windows?

As weird as it may sound, some people actually ask this question online. It’s almost like they don’t know what a computer is or something?!

A computer without an operating system doesn’t make any sense at all unless you’re talking about a barebone kit where everything else comes separately.

You can either buy a version of Windows that’s compatible with your motherboard model or install a different operating system on it such as Linux if you’re going for a custom-built PC instead since the motherboard is the main part of your computer where all its components connect to.


Does A Computer Motherboard Come With Windows 10 Operating System?

The Windows 10 operating system comes separate from your motherboad. The motherboard only comes with a BIOS program which is used to store data about your computer’s hardware so Windows 10 can find it and use the appropriate drivers whenever you switch on your PC.

This means that you have to install Windows 10 yourself once you buy a separate hard drive or solid state drive to install it on unless you opt for a pre-installed version of Windows if buying a prebuilt PC instead.

Does A Motherboard Come With Serial Ports?

A serial port is an older type of connector that provides slower speeds when transferring data from one device to another.

Since USB ports were developed, they are now more commonly used in place of serial ports except in some rare cases where legacy devices still require them because they don’t come with a compatible USB port or dongle.

Does A Computer Motherboard Come With Backplate?

A backplate is a metal plate that comes fitted on the rear of computer cases to provide extra support and protection against warping which can happen if they’re not properly anchored into place.

Does A Motherboard Come With Windows 8 Operating System?

The Windows 8 operating system was released years ago but it’s still very popular for being extremely user-friendly and having a ton of great features so you don’t have to worry about your motherboard coming with it as standard since it’s more than likely going to already have an older version such as Windows 7 installed instead.

Does A Motherboard Come With Bbc Micro Bit

The Bbc Micro bit on your computer motherboard is a special piece of hardware that locks your computer to using Windows 10 so nobody can switch it to any other operating system such as Linux or Windows 7 without entering the BIOS and removing it first.

Since the Micro Bit is actually part of your motherboard and not just something you plug in like a USB drive, there’s no way for it to come with anything else because all its data comes from your motherboard which also contains the appropriate drivers.

Does A Desktop Computer Motherboard Come With Ssd Hard Drive?

Ssd drives are solid state drives where data can be stored instead of being kept on platters like regular hard disk drives except they’re much faster than traditional ones due to having no moving parts inside them.

Since modern motherboards contain basic input/output system chips which are used to store certain data, the only way they can come with an SSD drive is if it’s already installed inside your computer instead of just being soldered into place.

           How Do Motherboards Work

A computer motherboard consists of all its main electronic components that control information between other parts inside your PC including RAM, graphics cards, sound cards, and more.

The info goes through serial buses developed by Intel known as PCI Express and PCI which connect these devices to the central processing unit and at the same time, transferring information to all its other components.

Without a motherboard inside your computer, everything would just end up turning on and off whenever it feels like it because there wouldn’t be any proper structure or system in place for how things work together.

Does A Computer Motherboard Come With Integrated Graphics?

Integrated graphics cards are those which come as standard with all motherboards because they’re built directly into the motherboard itself.

They’re much worse than external graphics cards though so you’ll still have to buy a separate one if you plan to play any games or do graphics-intensive work on your computer since integrated graphics can’t handle it well enough.

Even though laptops aren’t as powerful as their desktop counterparts, they still use the same type of integrated graphics that are used inside regular PCs except they might be even weaker due to having fewer features and components inside them to keep costs down.

This means that you also need external graphics hardware for high-performance visual tasks such as watching videos, rendering 3D models, and so on because they wouldn’t run very well on a laptop with low-end integrated graphics built into the motherboard.


Modern computer motherboards today have wifi adapter card slots and Bluetooth connectivity as standard. And that’s because it’s fast becoming the new way to transfer data wirelessly between devices including mobile phones and tablets which can be used to upload photos from your phone for example instead of having to manually do it via a USB port or sd card reader.

Since Bluetooth is also a type of wireless internet connection available everywhere today including in coffee shops, airports, schools, etc., it can even be used to connect with different types of hardware such as keyboards and printers whether they’re plugged into your PC or not.

A computer motherboard comes with an empty wifi card slot as standard nowadays which can be used to both upload and download data from the internet very quickly except laptops might have a different type of hardware inside them since they’re not as powerful as desktop computers, so there’s no point in using Ethernet connections for example on a laptop because it wouldn’t run very well.

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