Does S9 Have Wireless Powershare? (Explained)

Does S9 Have Wireless Powershare?

With most smartphones enjoying the recent powershare technology gaining momentum in recent months, most of you have been wondering if S9 has wireless powershare?

In general, S9 mobile phone has a wireless Powershare feature built-in. The S9 has Qi technology which harnesses the NFC capabilities, allowing it to charge other phones or tablets with Qi technology.

What is Powershare

The powershare is when Qi enabled smart gadgets like a phone or tablet, share its power with another compatible device, through the principle of resonance induction.

In simple terms, just place a near-field communication-enabled phone on the back of wireless charging-enabled phone and it will start charging immediately!

How does Wireless Powershare work with S9?

In order to use this feature on your new Galaxy S9, make sure that both devices have Qi compatibility. This technology works even if the gadgets being charged are different brands.

And also make sure their batteries are more than 5%. Once they meet all these requirements, turn them both off and launch the settings on both devices. Next, find the NFC menu and enable it by checking the box next to “NFC.

Overall, the Wireless Powershare uses NFC technology when two smart gadgets with a rechargeable battery wirelessly charge each other (mobile devices), such as smartphones and tablets. 

The powershare works in any outlet (smart or not) in various voltages in 100-240 volts and 50/60 HZ and across mobile brands ( Apple or Samsung), provided they use near-field contact technology. 

Plug in the device and connect to your smartphone. Tablet connections are available online, particularly those with Apple Lightning connector or MicroUSB connector for Android devices.

 Is S9 compatible with Powershare

The S9 is a perfect example of many smart gadgets armed with powershare technology capabilities. All you need to do is plug it first and connect your phone wirelessly.

There are no wireless charging mats on the market that support Qi technology; They all use the induction-based charging technology. However, there are many companies that offer compatible products that will work with your new Galaxy S9 like Energizer® POWERMAT® and TYLT Vu Solo

So as long as you can charge your device with an Android charger (even if you already have a wireless charger) or any other Qi enabled front load, backward compatibility with S8/S8+ smartphones and possibly even some of their previous models: 

  • Samsung J7, 
  • J5 and S6 Edge+ phones. 
  • And of course Apple iPhones 7, 
  • 7 Plus and 6S, they all support wireless charging.

What are the benefits of Powershare with S9?

The powershare technology makes it possible to have two devices being charged at the same time, so you don’t have to wait for your phone (wireless charger) to be ready before starting on your tablet (Qi receiver). You can charge both simultaneously! 

Why should I get wireless powershare for my phone

Powershare enabled phones are not for everyone, but there are good reasons why getting one is warranted. If you are too lazy to plug in your phone or tablet, Powershare is the way to go.

Also, if you need your devices charged but don’t want to bother with cables, this is another good reason. And finally if you want convenience and saving time by having both of your devices wired into one outlet that’s also a good reason why wireless powershare technology has its benefits.

Is Powershare safe?

Overall, powershare is safe for charging your gadgets. They’re not playing around with electricity here; they’re just leveraging on current induction principles which have been used for decades.

The only difference with the wireless charging-enabled gadgets is that they’ve added efficiency to a very old process while making it more convenient at the same time.

So there shouldn’t be much to worry about as long as you feel comfortable using it and your devices are compatible; the Qi compatibility is a good start.

How much does wireless powershare cost?

The price of wireless powershare for S9 will vary depending on which charger and receiver you use. It’s advisable that you check online for promo codes or coupons before shopping, especially during sales seasons like Black Friday, Cyber Monday sales and Christmas.

On average, I’ve seen many coupons and offers about 50% off so if you’re lucky enough to find one: grab it! Buy 2 pairs of charging pads because they always go out of stock when the promotion starts. And lastly, since we want to be informed consumers: do some research first before buying anything.

Pros and cons of having wireless powershare on your phone 

As with every good thing has its own pros and cons, powershare phones are no different. 

The advantage of having a wireless powershare phone is that you can power both devices simultaneously without the need for cables, which is quite handy.

Also, if you’re not a fan of plugging things in and out all the time, this feature will be a good reason to consider your next smartphone purchase or upgrade.

The disadvantages are associated with those phones not compatible with Qi charging yet. For now it’s only few Samsung and Apple phones are equipped with Qi technology.

So make sure if your device is compatible before buying one otherwise you’ll have to buy another brand new phone compatible with Qi induction charging standards, just like S9 – Galaxy S10 – Note

  1. How to buy wireless powershare for your phone

If you are buying you first Powershare phone, you will need to buy the phone (Galaxy S9) and receiver (Qi wireless charger). Then you can use it to charge your tablet.

Many online retail stores like Amazon, eBay, Walmart etc carry that technology. However, I would recommend buying from Samsung itself so you’ll get official accessories with a warranty.

It might be more expensive, but there’s peace of mind if anything goes wrong or any questions arise in the future.

There are no drawbacks for this type of buying because Samsung manufactures both devices, so they should work seamlessly together without any compatibility issues.


Powershare is an exciting new technology that combines convenience with making life just a little bit easier while keeping time spent on charging to a minimum.

Wireless charging pads are also easy to get and you can get it from online retailers like Amazon, eBay or Walmart. Just make sure they come with the Qi certification logo before you purchase them.

In terms of safety, this type of technology has been used by many other devices for decades already so it’s very reliable in that aspect as well.

The only difference is that now we can use our phone while simultaneously charging them wirelessly instead of having to plug them in every time.

Overall I think wireless powershare is a great idea and I would definitely buy one if I needed a new phone! Just make sure your device is compatible first before making the investment.

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