Edifier R1280T vs. Dayton B652: Best Bookshelf Speaker Review & Guide 2021.

Edifier r1280t and the Dayton b652 speakers are not your average powered bookshelf speakers; they are versatile and sleek in design. But, which is better, when you compare Edifier R1280T powered bookshelf speaker vs. Dayton b652?

The Edifier R1280T bookshelf speaker is better than the Dayton B652 passive bookshelf speaker. The Edifier R1280T is easy to setup, delivers clear and far superior sound than the Dayton B6552 speaker. With Edifier bookshelf speakers, you do not need extra amplifier to power your speakers and they are sleek in design.

Edifier R1280t

Are you looking for affordable powered bookshelf speakers with some great audio performances? Well, this is your answer. Awesome sound is delivered by these speakers in frequencies of a wide range, even the low ones. They come with 4-inch bass drivers that enable them to produce powerful bass that is guaranteed to give you the best experience and leave you satisfied no matter how well known an audiophile you are.

Uncompromised sound and if one chooses to play highs and miss, this speaker comes to the rescue. No distortions can be heard when it is trying to reproduce high-frequency notes, the vocals are just awesome. 

In addition to their great Audio performance, their design also helps in defining how great the Edifier R1280T is and how they really fit to be bookshelf speakers.

The loudspeakers of the golden days of radio inspired this design, but it does not necessarily mean they are of the retro type. In addition to its elegant look, they still look fantastically modern. They fit in most room setups. 

They have dimensions that are pretty compact; hence, there is no need for you to have a tough time allocating the speakers in the room. Talk about connecting them to your computer, TV or turnable, that is a piece of cake. One of them is designed to be active, meaning having a built-in amplifier that makes it easy for you. All you need to do is plug them to the device you want and the rest is already taken care of, sit back and enjoy. 

This was just to give you a glimpse of these Edifier R1280T speakers. Now let’s go into the actual details.

Design Analysis And Performance

It is measured 9.2 by 5.7 by 7.7 inches each and they have paneling of the wood veneer type on the sides and the finish up on top is matte metallic. 

It has grilles of gray cloth that comes with the Edifier logo at the bottom and can be removed. 

A 4-inch woofer, silk dome tweeter of 13mm and moving of air and driver’s to perform efficiently that is allowed by a port, all this is packed below the grille. Between the two speakers, the right speakers in the only one that is powered and it transfers some of its power to the left unit via a removable cable that comes with it. The right speaker is also equipped with an IR sensor that allows simple remote control as it has only three buttons, namely: Volume up, Volume down, and mute.

Looking at the right speaker’s back panel, you will find dual RCA inputs. Among those inputs, one of them has the title PC and a provided 3.5mm to RCA cable works with mobile devices and PCs. One has an AUX label and included is a second RCA-to-RCA cable which is usually used with a television equipped with RCA inputs or stereo gear.

Wondering where the power switch is located? Well, the back panel also houses this and hardwired power cable. 

Thinking of playing music via Bluetooth, well, there is no wireless connectivity of any kind. 

Three knobs are also found on the right-side panel of the right speaker. The knob that you will see way below is for volume, the middle one for bass and the one on top for treble. It comes with a neutral setting for midpoint dial of the bass and treble knobs. 

No visual marker for the volume, just a plus and minus sign, so looking at it you can’t exactly know the level of your systems volume. And there is no point of dial even. A visual indicator could have really been helpful. Below these dials, situated is a power LED.


The treble knobs and brass knobs are usually more subtle than most EQ controls, which is not a bad thing at all. 

A fairly flat neutral response is provided by the drivers in a neutral default setting, hence many listeners would go for this provided a little of bass is added. 

Balance is not thrown off most times regardless of how the bass knob can be fully turned up. 

A balance is maintained between the bass and treble.

Additional information on the specs and features

Remote control: It comes with a remote control that comes with the package, and it can be used to turn the volume up and down. If it has to do with adjusting bass and treble, you need to use controls found on the main speaker’s left side. 

MDF Wood Enclosure: This is engineered for speaker enclosure as it plays a role in curbing down distortions and even adds a lovely look to the speakers. 

Compact size: The speakers are identical in a way that they have the same dimensions.

Warranty: A 2 years warranty is provided to those in the USA and a certain warranty is provided to those living elsewhere.


Impressive audio quality : This bookshelf speaker stands out from many other bookshelf speakers due to its audio quality, which is done in frequencies of a wide range.

Great bass : The bass point produced by these speakers deserves recognition. It’s well balanced even though it is deep and powerful, which is a problem with many bookshelf speakers.

Awesome design – these speakers are just beautiful. I mean they look both retro and modern, how awesome is that!

Sturdy build: The R1280t is built to last, that is why a two-year warranty is even provided. These speakers don’t break easily, and they are super-resilient

Easy to use: They do not usually choose devices they can go with; they are that compatible. No need to buy extra adapters.

Affordable price – high-end and great performances are delivered by the Edifier R1280T but the price is just unbelievable.


They can go through distortion if pushed to absolute top volumes.

Does Edifier R1280T Have Bluetooth?

The Edifier R1280T powered bookshelf speakers have no Bluetooth connectivity like you do with the Edifier R1280DB Powered Bluetooth Bookshelf Speakers. While both the Edifier R1280T and R1280DB come with remote control, the R1280T has no wireless Bluetooth connectivity. Instead, the Edifier R1280T come with Near-field communication which allows for them to connect to NFC-enabled devices when you press the button with the NFC symbol, or when you double click-in the volume knob.

No wireless connectivity, which is a turn-off.

 Dayton B652 Review

Maybe this is your first time hearing about Dayton Audio. Still, this company has been there for a long time, and it is a supplier of raw loudspeaker drivers and accessories concerning speaker-building for hobbyists. This company also sells other stereo and home theater speakers like the Dayton B652 bookshelf speakers under review in this article. The bass quality provided is just good and the sound is just so clear. The construction isn’t that costly, but the speaker has a great look.

Design And Features

Before we go any further, it has to be clarified that Dayton B652 speakers are passive, meaning you will need an amplifier like an AV receiver to get the sound. You can choose to pair them with something like the Lepai LP-202A+ stereo integrated amplifier and be assured that after that you have gotten yourself a mini stereo system for a cheap price. In contrast to the Bluetooth speaker or priced iPod speaker dick, true stereo separation can be delivered from each side of the room. 

This is a medium-sized bookshelf speaker usually placed on a speaker stand, in an actual bookcase or even within a cabinet.

This bookshelf speaker does not have a rear bass port meaning this speaker can be placed upright against the wall.

A grille of black cloth usually covers the front baffle which has a mattr-black vinyl color, amazingly mounted on a fireboard frame. 

The B652 measures 11.75 by 7.2 by 6.5 inches. The weight of the pair is usually 14 pounds. 

The speakers impedance has a rate of 8 ohms and a metal keyhole for easy wall-mounting.


The sound is well balanced and clear. Their size allows full and decent bass. You won’t have the edge to buy an extra Subwoofer if you have this. 

When integrated with an amplifier, and if the system is tested in a large listening room, the sound still filled the room and the stereo imaging is realistic.

As compared to other speakers of the same caliber, these bookshelf speakers produce well-defined bass.


  • They are more or less compact
  • Due to their design, size, and driver’s, they produce good sound quality
  • They have removable grills, which is an advantage
  • They can be easily mounted
  • They come with a great warranty.


  • They are not that good in terms of frequency response and bass.
  • The design is too basic, kind of a tacky and sloppy construction.


These are both bookshelf speakers. You have seen how they are designed, how they usually cost, how they perform, what kind of warranty they have and how they balance sound, bass and treble. It’s not up to you to make a choice on which speakers to buy according to your preferences and budget that you plan to spend on bookshelf speakers or any sound system.

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