Edifier R1700BT vs R1850DB (A Complete Review & Buyers Guide 2021)

Edifier R1700BT and Edifier R1850DB are perfect speaker examples of why when choosing which speaker to buy, you should take an interest and do thorough research on the attributes of that speaker. And that’s because, though the same company makes them, the two speakers offer completely varying degrees of quality sound and balance. But, which is better between Edifier R1700BT and R1850DB?

The R1850DB is better than the Edifier R1700BT. With the dynamic range control, the Edifier R1850DB is by far the best bookshelf studio speakers to deliver sound with clarity far better than the Edifier R1700BT. It’s stylish, deliver super bass and does not compromise with lows or highs and mid ranges.

There are many things that one needs to consider before buying a speaker, including the speaker’s design, the features that the speaker boasts, the technical specifications, the build quality, the overall performance, and its sound quality.

The design plays an important role when it comes to choosing between two speakers, the speaker may have a design and build quality that is not good, the materials may not be durable, so looking at the design before you by the speaker allows you to be sure that the kind of speaker you are choosing has the design that really suits what you are looking for. 

The specifications are the important parts that you need to look for in a speaker. They tell you about the speaker at a glance. Knowing the speaker’s specifications, you can have an overview of how the speaker will perform like. You can also show you the speaker’s frequency response, the kind of drivers that the speaker has, and the features that the speaker can support.

Sound quality is the most important feature to look at when planning to buy a speaker. The sound is the reason we are buying the speaker and therefore we want to make sure that it’s not disappointing. Here, it involves looking at the bass’s trebles, the frequency response that the speaker has. 

The features such as the drivers in your speakers are another important factor; the drivers are the ones that generate sound, therefore choose speakers that have good drivers and can generate powerful sound for you. Other features to look for can include the mode of connection supported by the speakers and other advanced features like auto turn off the feature, bass control features and smart features integration. The following is a complete buyer’s guide to choosing between the Edifier R1850DB and the 1700BT. 

Edifier R1700BT

The edifier R1700Bt is a 2.0 channel system. The speaker is versatile and can work for many uses. It can used for watching Tv shows, movies and playing games. It greatly improves the sound quality of your TV. The edifier has many features that make it a good speaker.

The following are the Specifications of the edifier R1700BT:

60Hz to 20kHz frequency response

Total power of 66 watts

4-inch bass driver 

A 19mm silk dome tweeter

Signal to noise ratio of 85dB

DRC and DSP support

2 RCA inputs

The Design Of The Edifier 

The edifier has a design that is quite attractive, its design is like that of the other edifier speakers. The design of this speaker is sturdy and it has a solid build. The body is made of medium-density fiberboard wood. It also fits in your home easily because of its size and design, it can also be placed anywhere. The transducers of the edifier r1850db face a certain angle, ensuring that the sound goes to all angles. 

It has a silk dome tweeter (19mm) and a bass driver that is 4 inches. The bass driver and the tweeters also ensure that the sounds are rich as well as crisps. On the side of the speaker, there are controls. With these controls, you can be able to make changes to the bass and the trebles. 

The edifier is equipped with remote control. This remote control also has buttons to control the trebles and the bass of the speaker. You can also change the sound using the remote control. The edifier allows you to adjust the bass with a given range (-6db to +6dB). To change the volume using the controls on the speaker you push the button in. the controls can also be used to reset the device’s pairing. This can be done by holding and pushing the volume button. 


The R1850DB has Digital as well as analog inputs. There is an optical input that is used to connect to Bluetooth and provides a lossless connection. The Bluetooth V4 that the bookshelf speakers allows you to stream music wirelessly from any device that supports Bluetooth connectivity.

The bookshelf speakers have a treble and a bass control. This allows you to adjust the level of the trebles and the bass. To control the trebles and the bass, you use the controls built on to the side of the speaker. There is also a subline out that can be used to add a subwoofer to the speaker. The speaker can be connected to your TV, game console or your PC. It supports most input sources.

Sound quality and performance

The edifier 1700Bt has good sound quality. It delivers a good bass, though not as good as that delivered by the R1850DB, the speaker is very good. It also uses the DCR and DSP features to reduce distortion so that the sound is delivered clear enough. It can also be connected wirelessly using a Bluetooth connection. The 1700Bt is not a good option for consumers that like to have a high-end bass. 

The pros

  • It has an attractive look
  • Great sound quality
  • Uses Bluetooth wireless connectivity
  • Great versatility

The Cons

  • The Bluetooth is sensitive 

Edifier R1850DB

Edifier r18050db is a speaker that is a lot similar to the edifier 1800btthey are great speakers for your home, they can also be used in a studio. The following are the Specifications of the edifier R1850DB

  • Two RCA inputs
  • Equipped with a 4-inch bass driver, 19mm silk dome tweeter
  • Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity
  • DRC and DSP support
  • 60Hz to 20kHz frequency response
  • Speaker Dimensions: 6 x 8 x 9.75 inches (each)
  • 85dB signal to noise ratio


The speaker is dark and has a classy appearance. It has a surface that is made of texture, this means that it will not be smudged with fingerprints. It is made of a high gloss finish that makes it look very classy. From the speaker, you can see that the build quality is good and the materials used are durable. The speaker has grilles that are removable. When the grilles are removed, you can be able to see the midrange drivers. These speakers’ small size ensures that they do not take up much space in your house because they easily fit even in small spaces. 

On the back of the speaker, there is a volume knob and ports that you can use to connect your cables. The speaker connects to a lot of devices. On the back, there is a connection to the PC, fiber cable, and aux. there is also a port that is used to connect it to the passive speaker. 

The speaker comes with cables that are included in the box, these cables are used to connect the two speakers. In the box, there is also a remote control, batteries, a cleaning cloth and speaker grilles which you can choose to add to the speakers or not. There is a 3.5mm audio cable, an RCA to RCA cable, and a fiber optic cable.


The speaker comes with remote control. The remote control allows you to perform a lot of functions to control the speaker. There is a mute button, a power button, an input select button, and a volume button. The remote control also has controls to navigate through the tracks.

The speaker can be connected wirelessly using Bluetooth. It makes use of Bluetooth 4.0; this keeps the connection reliable as well as stable. With Bluetooth, you can be able to connect devices like smartphones, PCs and tablets so long as they have Bluetooth support. 

The speaker has controls built in that are used to control the bass and the treble levels. The subline input present on the speaker is used to add a subwoofer. 

The edifier R1850DB allows you to choose the input source, this can be done on the remote control. The speaker has many input sources that it allows, including Aux, optical, PC, coaxial, and Bluetooth. The back of the speaker also has the corresponding ports for most of these inputs. 

Enabling the Bluetooth on the speaker is done using the remote control, you simply select the Bluetooth input source button that is presented by the Bluetooth icon. It can also be done by pushing the volume control on the right speaker. There is a light located on the speaker’s front that lets you know the current input source mode. 

Sound Quality And Performance

The edifier R1850DB gives out a good sound. The quality of the sound it delivers is also good and impressive. They have a punchy bass that can even make the space around you to vibrate. You can also be able to connect your subwoofer to the speaker using a port that is available on the speaker. Connecting a subwoofer to the speaker helps in improving the bass of the speaker. The R1850DB are also suitable for use as PC speakers. 

With a frequency range of 60Hz to 20kHz, these speakers also ensure that there is a wide sound stage. They can also be used at very loud volumes, and you will barely see your sound distorting. Even when the volume is raised very high, the speaker still produces a smooth and well-balanced sound. The R1850DB also makes a good speaker for mixing at low volumes. 

Pros and cons


  • Great sound performance
  • Have good build quality and design
  • Support Bluetooth connectivity
  • Comes with a remote control


  • It is expensive


when choosing what to buy between the edifier R1700BT and the R1850DB, it is very important to look at the specifications, design, features, and sound quality of the speakers. This allows you to choose a speaker that is more suited for you and your needs. 

For instance, both of these speakers are very nice, however, the edifier R1850DB is a little better than the 1700BT. Unlike the Edifier R1280T, the R1850DB offers a great amount of sound quality. They are also very good bookshelf speakers that support many features like Bluetooth connectivity, DCR, DSP, and more. It also has more connections as compared to the 1700BT. 

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