How Do I Change My Age on Discord? (Explained)

There are plenty of reasons why the change of age on the Discord platform is a vital step towards growing your community online. Sadly, changing a Discord User’s age is not something that you get to do lightly, but with good reasons, a change of date of birth or how old you are can open up whole new opportunities for you.

Chances are, if you’re changing your age, it’s to appear older or younger than you actually are due to a number of reasons that we won’t go into detail about here because this isn’t the point of the article.

With that said, let us explain how you can change your Discord User’s age.

I have seen so many examples of people on college or university servers who are actually underage, but they lied about their age to the server owner in order to join.

This is so common that it has become a joke among students and teachers alike. But there are legitimate reasons why you would want to change your age on Discord.

How Do I Change My Age on Discord?

Now, in order for the age change methods discussed here to work properly, you will need the assistance of a Discord admin or server owner.

Otherwise, if you’re considering changing your age to join a server, don’t bother because it’s not worth getting rejected for something so insignificant.

Discord users can typically change their age on the Discord platform by submitting a change of age request in the Discord app’s settings. In general, they do not allow server users to change their profile age or date of birth on their own.

If you want to change your age or date of birth, you must contact Discord by using the ‘Submit a request form’ link in the settings of your Discord account. The Discord staff will review and approve or decline your request.

What you need to change your age on discord

In order to change your age on Discord, you must make a request to Discord. You must submit a form in which you must put in your date of birth and attach a photograph of yourself holding your identification.

Once that is completed, you will need to submit a request to Discord and then wait for your age to be updated by the server admin. Please keep in mind that if you do not give them relevant information, your discord age modification may face problems, be considered illegal and possibly will not be processed.

Quick and simple steps on how to change your age on Discord

Discord name age change is an easy process. You may change your age on Discord by following the steps below.

  1. Send a request to the Discord.

Making a request to Discord is the very first step. You will need to complete a form in order to accomplish this. So, on your Discord application, go to “submit a request form”.

Once you have found the form, you will see a dropdown box labeled “What can we help you with?” This is the section where you may change your age.

However, you will be required to supply additional information such as your email address that is connected with your Discord account. From the drop-down option, pick “appeals, age, updates, and other”.

  1. Fill in your date of birth.

There is also a drop down menu with numerous choices under the appeals, age, updates, and other sections. If you wish to modify your Discord age, click on the update my age information option. 

After that, fill in the blanks with your exact date of birth in the form given. Then check the box on the part that says, “Please confirm that you have attached all of the needed materials.”

  1. Provide a photograph of yourself carrying your identification (optional)

The description section is located at the bottom of the page, where you may explain why you’re changing your age.

In this instance, you claim that you entered the incorrect age. A header for attachments will appear underneath the description, and this is completely optional.

However, it  is a requirement for Discord to verify your age, therefore even if this step is optional, it is highly recommended.

To show that you are 18 years old or older, you must take a picture of yourself carrying your ID.

Furthermore, you must carry a piece of paper with your complete Discord tag printed on it in your hand. Unless you do this, Discord will not be able to validate your age or modify your date of birth on your account.

Why People Might Want To Change Their Age On Discord And Who Might Be Concerned About This Issue

Discord is, without a question, a fun place to connect with friends. It enables us to socialize with our peers, participate in many servers, and communicate with thousands of other users. So why do people want to change their age on discord and who might be concerned about this issue?

Most people wish to have their age changed if they would like to access the NSFW servers that are only accessible to people from 18 years.  

Users between the ages of 13 and 17 are barred from viewing NSFW information on the internet.

While Discord may not immediately block your account from viewing such servers, it is possible that it may do so in the future. However, it may result in your account being suspended. 

Another reason why people may want to change their age on Discord is if they provided an incorrect age.

Therefore, if you accidentally provided the incorrect date of birth while joining up for Discord, you may modify and update your age on Discord by contacting Discord support.


Because of safety concerns, Discord does not enable you to update your date of birth on the app. For anyone under the age of 18, accessing NSFW servers or channels is not permitted until they reach the legal drinking age of 18.

However, if you have accidentally entered an inaccurate date of birth on Discord, you may fix this by following the steps outlined above.

Another option is to create a new Discord account, when creating the account, you must set your age to 18 or above, which will allow you to avoid the age limit.

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