How do I connect my ethernet cable to my wireless router

How do I connect my ethernet cable to my wireless router

Most wireless routers come with multiple ethernet ports. These can then be connected to devices such as computers, printers, and video game consoles.

In order to connect an ethernet cable to a wireless router, there are a couple of things that need to happen on the router end. To begin with, you will need to know how many ports your wireless router has.

You can tell this by looking at the back of your wireless router where all the cables can be plugged in. On most routers, this is between three and six. The next thing is that it’s important for these ports to have internet access in order for them to work properly when being used together with an ethernet cable.

In other words, they can’t just be plain old Ethernet ports but have DHCP enabled so something can connect to them and thus access the Internet.

If your wireless router can be connected to an ethernet cable and has ports that can provide internet access, you can connect one end of the ethernet cable to any port on the wireless router and the other end can be plugged into another device such as a smart TV or console so it can access the Internet wirelessly.

Connecting Ethernet Cable To A wireless Router.

There are few steps to connecting an Ethernet Cable to a wireless router:

Step 1: To connect the ethernet cable, plug one end of the ethernet cable into an open port on the router.

Step 2: Once there is a connection between the router and the device you are connecting to it, be it a smart TV or console, you will need to configure your wireless network. This can usually be done by accessing your wireless through the browser that is on the device, or through your settings menu.

Step 3: After you have connected the ethernet cable to the wireless router, it’s time to configure your network name (SSID) and password (network key). This can be done by accessing either of the setups on your particular make and model of router. Depending on which option you choose, this part of the process may be different.

So can I plug my ethernet cable into my modem instead?

Yes, you can also use an ethernet cable with a modem though whether or not this is possible depends entirely on what type of modem you have. If your modem can’t directly accept an ethernet cable (and most modems can’t), then there’s no way for it to work unless you’re using a modem/router combo device.

In this case, the solution can be to simply plug the ethernet cable into a router and let it share both internet and ethernet connections with whatever you want to do (i.e. connect your console or smart TV).

Is there any way that i can directly hook up my PC to my wireless router with an Ethernet cord?

The short answer is no. The only reason why you would need to directly hook up a computer, like a laptop, to a wireless network is if you’re trying to achieve extreme speeds not otherwise available from where you live currently.

Otherwise, if your PC is plugged directly into the wireless router via an Ethernet cable as well as being wirelessly connected simultaneously, the wireless speeds can never go higher than what you’re currently receiving.

What can I do if an ethernet cable can’t connect to my wireless router?

If your ethernet can’t seem to connect with your wireless router, there are a couple of things that can help resolve this issue. The first is that it’s important to actually check whether or not the correct port on the wireless router has been selected for use.

This can usually be done by checking online documentation but if this isn’t available, there are also often lights on the front of the device which will tell you which ports have internet access and even allow you to check if they have any problems.

Secondly, depending on how old your current equipment is, it could be that your equipment is outdated and unable to support the speeds of an ethernet cable. In this case, you will need to invest in either a new wireless router or computer.


There are many benefits to using a wireless network versus having to plug in an Ethernet cable each time you want to access the Internet. This is why many people opt for routers over modems and make sure that they have a wireless connection whenever possible.

However, there are still times when it is necessary to use ethernet cables and this How-To Guide provides a simple way to connect an ethernet cable to a wireless router.

Also, make sure to check out other guides about connecting a computer via Ethernet Cable directly to a router and many more other How-To Guides on other similar topics.

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