How to fix a Verizon wireless FEC not working

Verizon’s forward error correction also known as FEC not working is the number one trouble reported by their customers. After digging Verizon forums, I have found some common problems and solutions on how to fix a FEC not working on your wireless devices.

There are some reasons why you cannot connect to the internet while connected via USB cable, but after installing this patch, the USB connection will always work with a 3G-5G connection.

Verizon Wireless FEC not working problems can be fixed with the following solutions:

1) Reset Network Settings on iPhone

If you are using an iOS device, do the following to properly set up your network settings. This is important if you are experiencing Verizon wireless FEC not working.

  • 1) On your iOS device, go to Settings > General > Reset
  • 2) Select the option to Reset Network Settings
  • 3) You will be prompted with a series of popups warning you that this action may cause the loss of network connectivity while connected via USB cable. After considering all options, select Restart.
  • 4) Once you have rebooted, go back to the USB settings and set up your network connection.

2) Remove Bios Certificate on Windows

On Windows, there are two ways to install custom drivers for USB modems on Verizon Wireless wireless devices. One type is done with the Verizon CD that came with your device, while the other method is done with a USB driver that you can download online.

The problem with this driver is that it may be incompatible with Windows 10 and cause the FEC not to work on your device.

To fix this, follow these steps to remove the Bios Certificate for Windows:

  • 1) On your keyboard, press CTRL + I
  • 2) Click on Device Manager
  • 3) Expand the section for Modems
  • 4) Highlight your Verizon USB Driver and right-click on it
  • 5) Click Uninstall Device from the drop-down menu
  • 6) Reboot your PC to remove all traces of a failed driver installation. To complete this process, install a better USB driver so you can connect to the internet.

3) Install New Verizon Wireless USB Drivers

You can find the latest Verizon USB drivers for different Windows operating systems here on the official Verizon website.

The newest version of the Verizon USB drivers works on older PC’s as well as modern computers running Windows 10.

4) Check Your Adapter Settings

If you have a custom IP or gateway, make sure that those settings are correct under your network adapter settings. The Gateway setting should be set to and your DNS server should be set to

5) Disable IPv6

To fix FEC not working on your wireless device, you must disable IPv6 on Windows 10 by following these steps:

  • 1) On your keyboard, press the Windows key and type in “ncpa.cpl” without quotes
  • 2) You will see a list of available wireless and LAN adapters. Scroll up until you see your Verizon USB Adapter
  • 3) Double click on the adapter to open its properties window
  • 4) Go to the “Advanced” tab and uncheck the box that says “Internet Protocol Version 6 (TCP/IPv6)”
  • 5) Reboot your PC for changes to take effect

6) Reboot Your Router

To further eliminate FEC not working on Verizon devices, unplug your router and then plug it back in after 10 seconds. Some people have reported that the firmware on their cable modems may be incompatible with Windows 10 which can result in FEC not working while using a USB modem. By performing a router reboot, you can reset your modem back to factory settings.

7) Use USB Over Ethernet

Some people have found that switching from USB over WiFi to USB over Ethernet eliminates FEC not working on Windows 10 devices. Verizon doesn’t provide a way to determine if this method works for everyone, so give it a try and

8) Remove Network Configuration on Windows 10

Verizon Wireless FEC not working may be caused by some configuration error. If you notice that some options are grayed out and unchangeable, it is possible that a network configuration is preventing your device from accessing the internet. To clear these connections, follow the steps below:

  • 1) On your keyboard, press CTRL + I
  • 2) Click on Network Adapters
  • 3) Highlight the network for which you cannot alter any settings and right click on it
  • 4) Click Disable to remove this configuration
  • 5) Reboot your PC and set up your Verizon Wireless USB connection. If these steps fail, uninstall all network configurations and install a new USB driver for your device.

9) Reset Network Settings On Windows 10

If you are using Windows 10, it is possible that your device is experiencing a conflict with the built-in USB driver. This may be preventing you from accessing the internet through Verizon Wireless FEC not working. To fix this issue, go into Device Manager and remove any network configurations that are causing conflicts with your connection to Verizon Wireless.

10) Update USB Drivers On Windows 10

Sometimes, old versions of USB drivers may cause issues with the internet connection. If you are using an older version of a driver or one that is not compatible with your device, it may be causing Verizon Wireless FEC not to work. Download the latest updates from Microsoft and make sure to install them for full compatibility.

Why is my phone not letting me make calls or send texts?

Apart from the forward error correction, some people have found their phone is not letting them to make calls or send texts, what would be the cause?

In general, your phone won’t let you make calls or send text messages if you have vital phone settings changed by mistake or a software update has triggered the error.

There are many reasons that can cause your phone not letting you make calls or send texts. Some of the reasons include:

1) Incorrect data plan settings

If you have changed your data plan setting on an older phone, you may have blocked all features of your device causing it to lose connection to Verizon Wireless for making calls or sending texts. To fix this issue, double check your mobile data plan settings to ensure that all features are turned on or you have the correct data plan for your device.

2) Signal issues

Signal problems can cause Verizon Wireless FEC not working and other errors on your phone. If you are experiencing signal problems, try turning off your phone for 30 seconds and then turning it back on. If this doesn’t help, reboot the device’s network by restarting your phone in Safe Mode.

3) Auto-sync

If you have automatic synchronization enabled for apps on your phone, you may be experiencing an issue with Verizon Wireless FEC not working if they are constantly trying to sync when you are using the phone. If you have this feature enabled, clear your app data in memory to fix it.

4) Flight mode or Blocked number

Sometimes flight mode setting or blocked phone number can also result in Verizon phone not to make calls or send text messages. If you have blocked some numbers from your contact list, you will encounter this issue. In order to fix Verizon Wireless FEC not working, check your settings and remove the number or call AT&T to unblock it.

5) Updating an iPhone

If you are using a first generation of iPhone on Verizon network, updating your phone can cause it to stop working normally. To fix this issue, you can update your iPhone manually by plugging in your device to iTunes or go into the settings on the phone and uncheck Update when asked to install update.

What is wrong with my phone?

If your phone is showing Verizon Wireless FEC not working error all of a sudden, there are many reasons that can cause it. It may be you have blocked some features on your phone or auto-synchronization enabled for apps/contacts, etc.

How To Fix Verizon Wireless FEC Not Working?

There are several steps that need to be taken when you are experiencing Verizon Wireless FEC not working. First, check your data plan settings to ensure all features are turned on or you have the correct data plan for your device.

If this doesn’t work, you need to clear the app data in memory or reboot network by restarting your phone in Safe Mode. If it still persists, try checking if you have set your phone to flight mode accidentally. Flight mode settings on your Verizon Wireless phone can stop it from sending/receiving texts or making calls.

If the above steps don’t fix your Verizon Wireless FEC not working, you need to contact AT&T to unblock any restricted numbers by calling customer service for help with your plan settings.


All phone manufacturers push out updates for their devices that may include vital changes in the system’s security features, affecting how it connects to a network, accident flight mode settings on your phone can cause Verizon Wireless not working or allow you to make calls, send text plus many other issues.

To resolve this issue, you can turn off the phone’s network by restarting in Safe Mode or update manually by plugging your phone to iTunes. If Verizon Wireless FEC not working has been caused by a blocked number, contact AT&T customer support for help with plan settings.

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