Reduce Your Home Utility Costs With a Thermostat That Saves Energy (9 Questions Answered)


The average home spends about $3,000 a year on utility bills. This is largely due to the inefficient heating and cooling systems that are used in most homes today. There are many different technologies available to reduce your utility costs. 

Still, one of the best methods is with an energy-saving thermostat that can save you up to 30% every month! This blog post will discuss some of the benefits these types of thermostats provide and how they work.

Thermostats allow any home to utilize some of the most energy-efficient thermostat settings you can dream of to cut down utility costs. For example, Nest Thermostat’s “Eco” settings can help you save up to 30% per year.

And the good news is that today’s technology allows for modern thermostats to be a set and forget using a clever automation system that you don’t need to worry about resetting. 

Your thermostats won’t need resetting every day or manually turning them off when not in use because they’re designed with built-in programs that automatically adjust for optimal energy savings.

Thermostats are a great investment for any home, and they’re not just your basic thermostat. Many different programmable thermostats can save you money on energy bills while giving you the perfect temperature to enjoy inside or outside on your deck during the summer months.

As the market is also fast becoming flooded with numerous options of thermostats with varying capabilities, it’s hard to determine which Thermostats will best meet your needs.

This is why I’ve compiled a list of the top best thermostats that can save you money on your home utility bills.

But, before I delve deep into each of the best energy-saving thermostats, there are key types of thermostats available on the market today.

Thermostat Types

If you are new to the thermostats types, you are in for a treat as many energy-saving thermostats are offering varying features across the board.

They come in either digital or analog form, and they also have a variety of features.

However, in recent years, the most common type is the programmable thermostat that automatically adjusts temperature settings according to your programmed schedule.

You can modify these schedules manually as well, so everything stays just how you want them.

Programmable Thermostats– A programmable thermostat is a must for anyone looking to save energy and money. These devices can be programmed remotely or through the wall unit itself to turn on and off at specified times of the day. This type of thermostat is perfect for those who want a simple set and forget energy-saving thermostats.

Non-Programmable Thermostats– These thermostats are simply set to one temperature setting and cannot be programmed. This type of device is perfect if you only need a standard temperature during the day or in your home at night when no one is there. While non-programmable thermostats look redundant, they are perfect for most working homes with pet parents who need to keep their home temperature regulated while away from home.

Hybrid Programmable Thermostat – A hybrid programmable thermostat is a device that can be programmed to change the house temperature at different times of the day automatically, or it can operate as an ordinary thermostat. This type of programmable thermostat offers all-in-one control for those who want the best of both worlds when saving energy and money.

Hybrid programmable thermostats are a common feature in newly built homes with the recent rise in home automation.

Smart Thermostat – A smart thermostat is a device that connects wirelessly to the home’s Internet connection and can be controlled remotely with an app. A smart thermostat has more features than a traditional programmable model, such as remote access, notifications of temperature changes from afar, geo-fencing (the ability to set boundaries for when you’re around or not),

Programmable Thermostat

 The programmable type of thermostat is perfect for those looking to pre-program their heating and cooling systems around when they know they will need them most. With most families working away from home or living in relatively large homes where heating or cooling systems are not needed to run all of the time.

Is it worth getting a programmable thermostat?

Buying a programmable thermostat for your home is a huge investment, so if you are going to get one, you really have to be sure that it’s worth it. But, Is it worth getting a programmable thermostat?

Programmable energy-saving thermostats are worth the investment. Getting one for your home will save you money in the long run, as a programmable thermostat ensures that your home is being heated and cooled at just the right times.

What should I consider when buying a programmable thermostat?

When shopping for a new programmable thermostat, there are several things to keep in mind: When looking for one, make

The programmable thermostat is the most common type of home heating and cooling system that people use in their homes. This type of device can be programmed to switch on or off at pre-set times, so if you know when your family will be away for work, then it’s a simple case of programming the thermostat accordingly.

Most homeowners often confuse the smart home thermostat over the programmable thermostat. And, if you are looking into getting one soon, you are wondering whether a smart thermostat is better than a programmable thermostat?

Programmable thermostats are great for reducing energy costs and saving money. And, they also come with other benefits that you will like too: such as the ability to change the temperature without getting up from your seat. 

At the same time, a smart home thermostat is best suited for homes where people need to be able to adjust their heat remotely using mobile apps or via a wifi connection. These features make the smart thermostat stand out.

As a general rule of thumb, smart thermostats are better than programmable thermostats. And here’s why:

  1. Save money and live comfortably with a programmable thermostat.
  2. Get personalized temperature settings that are right for you.
  3. Monitor your energy usage from the comfort of your own home.
  4. Control your heating, cooling, and lighting with just a swipe or click.

The Bottom Line: Getting personalized temperature settings that are right for you is the best thing you can do. And monitoring your energy usage from the comfort of your own home with just a swipe or click using a certified thermostat saves money while living comfortably in your environment year-round.

But, which smart thermostats are best to help you save money?

Here are some tips for finding the best ones on the market.

The Nest Learning Thermostat.

The Nest learning thermostat is one of the best-selling, most recognizable smart thermostats on the market today. The Nest Learning Thermostat can be controlled from your phone or tablet and automatically adjusts to a user’s schedule. 

It also has support for ‘Nest Connect,’ which allows users to control their home through the internet without compromising security.

These energy-saving thermostats play a huge role in saving energy while reducing home utility bills. If you want to save money and live comfortably year-round, get personalized temperature settings that are right for you with a programmable thermostat; the Nest learning smart thermostat is the best.

Ecobee Smart Wi-Fi Thermostat.

The Ecobee smart Wi-Fi Thermostat is not your average energy-saving addition to your utility cost-cutting efforts. It is the ultimate in home comfort, with a sleek design and high-tech features that make it easy to use.

The Ecobee smart Wi-Fi Thermostat botsIt has an attractive design and comes loaded with some advanced technol, making it very user-friendly. 

The Ecobee Smart Wi-Fi thermostat is trusted by industry leaders and enjoyed glowing reviews from homes that has used this brand to cut utility costs in their homes year after year.

The Ecobee smart Wi-Fi thermostat also comes with voice control which you can use to regulate temperatures in your home using an Amazon Echo or Alexa.

The way how the Ecobee thermostat works is impressive. When you install Ecobee smart wifi and link it with your Amazon Echo, this device will sense where it is located in your home and automatically adjust the room temperature to fit that location.

What I love the most about controlling Ecobee with other internet-enabled voice controls is how easy it is to regulate heat levels. It can be remotely set from anywhere using a smartphone or tablet while also allowing for manual adjustments on its digital screen.

Honeywell Smart Thermostats

The Honeywell RTH9580WF Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat is yet another best smart home automation system you can use to control varying electronic security and home energy with a mobile app.

The Honeywell RTH9580WF Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat is also a programmable thermostat that allows home heating and cooling controls to be centralized easily.

You will love the Honeywell RTH9580WF Wi-Fi smart thermostat as it is programmable from the app or by using your computer’s web browser to access their website where you can tweak the temperatures around your home to your liking.

Honeywell has programs for both residential and commercial

There are several types of Honeywell thermostats, and they all have some features that make them stand out from the competition. 

For example, with a Total Connect Comfort System, you can remotely control your home’s temperature from anywhere using an app on your smartphone.

As much I love Honeywell smart thermostats, they can sometimes develop minor technical issue that may require knowing how to troubleshoot them to work well with your home utilities or automated home security systems.

Some of the technical issues that may cause your Honeywell thermostat not to function properly include a battery issue, an out-of-range temperature reading or incorrect software configuration.

If you have any of these three problems with your Honeywell thermostats, there are ways to troubleshoot them before contacting customer service as they are always on hand to help you when you need them.

How do I troubleshoot my Honeywell thermostat?

The first step in troubleshooting your Honeywell thermostat is to power cycle it.

Power cycling a Honeywell thermostat sound complicated, however, its a lot easier than you think. To do so, follow these steps:

Remove the cover from the back of the device and locate a circular metal pad that has “CLEAR” written on it; press both buttons at once for 15 seconds or until you hear two beeps. The screen should now be blank.

Press and hold the “OFF” button for two seconds to power back on your thermostat. You will see a blue LED light flashing, indicating that it has been successfully powered off. Finally, press and hold the “ON” button until you hear one long beep when powering on the thermostat.

Honeywell’s Smart thermostats can also be easily reset to clear out current room temperatures and set new ones when needed. But you need to know how to reset your Honeywell thermostat schedule.

 How do I reset my Honeywell thermostat schedule?

There are two methods for resetting your Honeywell thermostat schedule. The first method is to clear the current settings on your thermostat and start fresh, while the second is a more gradual process which preserves all of your previous schedules.

Method One: Reset Your Thermostat Schedule in Two Steps- Press and hold the on -oof button.

This form of resetting a Honeywell thermostat is very common in non-programmable Honeywell thermostats of the 1000 or 2000 series which can only be reset by turning the thermostat off and back on.

The thermostat will update and be ready to set up again in a few seconds, so you can proceed with setting the temperature or changing modes.

Method Two: Reset Your Thermostat Schedule Gradually- This is the settings you need when you want to tweak a few settings without reverting the entire setup back to factory settings.

The “hold” function enables you to set your own temperature and thermostat settings. When the weather is unpredictable, this can be a lifesaver as it gives you more control over how warm or cool your home stays when unexpected changes happen in between workdays.

To reset your Honeywell thermostat gradually, Press and hold the off -button until it turns green (approximately two minutes). The current settings of your Honeywell thermostat will appear in the options menu so you can select which settings will you retain while the others will be replaced to match your needs.

The main goal for not resetting your Honeywell thermostat to factory settings is because you want to keep other settings you like. so to achieve the gradual thermostat Schedule, merely press and hold the off -button until it turns green.

Method Three: The Erase All Settings is not for everyone. It is what you need when you need to revert your thermostat back to factory settings. So to erase all settings,- press and release the on/off button five times in a row to erase all settings.

Emerson Sensi Touch Programmable Thermostat.

The Emerson Sensi touch programmable thermostat is one of the best to install in your home. However, it doesn’t come with the popular features like algorithmic learning, remote sensors, or geofencing capabilities you would expect from the price range this thermostat is ranked on. 

In comparison to Ecobee and Honeywell thermostats, the Emerson thermostat hardware is on the plain side of the spectrum.

Still, it is a good smart thermostat device capable of controlling the temperature in your home, based on what time of day it is. As there are plenty of options of thermostats available for you to choose one that matches both your needs and budget, the Emerson Sensi thermostat is certainly one of those. 

As much as the Emerson thermostat is a solidly built device, it can suffer failure while in use, requiring troubleshooting once in a while.

Why is my Sensi thermostat not working?

The most common problem with the Sensi thermostats when they are not working is the disappearance of the buttons on the control panel. To fix this problem, all you need to do is follow the steps below:

  • Remove the thermostat from its mounting bracket and wipe clean any dirt or dust that might have accumulated on it. Proceed to remove the powersource (AAA batteries or electric adapter) these thermostats run on to reset it once you put them back and proceed to the next step.
  • Reattach the Sensi thermostat back into place and reset your home’s temperature settings for accurate readings.

Check whether there is any power going to the Sensi thermostat. If there is not, your problem might be due to a blown fuse or tripped breaker switch and you’ll need an electrician to look into it. If all of these don’t work, contact customer service for further assistance.

Does Sensi Touch thermostat need batteries?

The Sensi Touch thermostat does not need batteries to run. Sensi Touch is a robust thermostat that requires the use of a “C” wire to power up. Without this power source, Sensi will not turn on and cannot be used as an effective home heating regulating system. 

However, the control panel of the Sensi touch thermostat is powered with AAA batteries which if they are not present, the buttons on your Sensi won’t work.

Does the Sensi thermostat work without wifi?

The biggest worry for most homeowners using smart wi-fi-enabled thermostats like the Sensi is whether they will work even when the wireless wifi is lost. Homeowners can rest assured that the Sensi thermostat does not need wifi to function.

The Sensi Touch thermostat works without wifi connection. At the core of Sensi thermostats is the connection fail-over redundancy that is designed to allow Sensi to control your home heating and cooling even if you lose a Wi-Fi connection.

So, If the internet goes out in your home, Sensi will continue running its current schedule until it can reconnect with a network and download any updates as needed.

How do I know if my Sensi thermostat is working?

Once your Sensi thermostat loses wifi connection it can be hard to tell if it is working properly. The home screen will show that it is not connected to a network, and you may also notice the thermostat’s display doesn’t update.

To tell that the Sensi thermostat is working, watch out for a soft clicking sound, followed by the background color changes to solid orange with display “Heating” on the screen.

The Sensi Touch Thermostats have an intuitive display when set correctly as well as confirming sounds so there are no questions about whether or not everything has been successfully programmed into memory.

While all thermostats have their unique benefits, there are many advantages of owning a Sensi Touch Thermostat. One important advantage is that it learns your habits over time and adapts accordingly, while the display shows you data on how much energy costs will be reduced. Unlike other thermostats where you have to input information about weather or heating manually.

Why is my Emerson thermostat blinking?

Blinking lights in Emerson thermostats is one of the most common warning signs that these thermostats tend to get reported for. But what does it mean when an Emerson thermostat is continuously blinking?

Emerson thermostats are great for keeping your home comfortable and energy-efficient. But what if you have a problem with the furnace? When that happens, an Emerson thermostat will let you know right away by flashing its snowflake symbol on the screen! And that’s just how it works with Emerson thermostats.

As a general rule, when the Emerson icon starts to flash, the reason for the blinking light is either a time delay or lockout mode occurring with heating equipment shut off in order to protect your home from utility overuse. 

To get back into good standing so things can work again normally, just press “reset” and the thermostat will reload and the blinking light will disappear.

There are a few explanations for this. If just one light blinks in the thermostat, then it means there may be an issue with Wi-Fi connectivity. 

For other lights to start flashing at once or other issues, you should contact customer service immediately so they can assist you by phone and give specific information on what to do.

LUX TX9000TSX Energy Star Certified Programmable Touchscreen 

The thermostat can help manage the temperature of your home more efficiently than before. It’s also a great option for someone who is looking to save money on their monthly utility bills while still being comfortable in their own house, or if you live somewhere with unpredictable weather conditions and want an easier way to keep cool during summer days without breaking too much sweat.

The LUX TX9000TSX Energy Star Certified Programmable Touchscreen Thermostat.

The LUX TX9000TSX Energy Star Certified Programmable Touchscreen is one of the few smart thermostats that come with a rating to indicate their performance efficiency in energy savings and cutting costs for homes. 

This feature makes it easier for homeowners looking to invest into making their homes more efficient while also protecting themselves from rising utility bills.

The thermostat can help manage the temperature of your home more efficiently than before. It’s also a great option for someone who is looking to save money on their monthly utility bills while still being comfortable in their own house, or if you live somewhere with unpredictable weather conditions and want an easier way to keep cool during summer days without breaking too much sweat.

The LUX TX9000TSX Energy Star Certified Programmable Touchscreen Thermostat comes with all these features that make it easy to use. From its intuitive touchscreen display, which allows homeowners to easily control settings such as heating/cooling levels at any time, right down to its built-in energy-saving modes like Eco Mode that reduce power consumption when not needed.

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