Verizon Fios Equipment Returns: What to Expect

Verizon’s returns of leased Fios equipment from its customers after the end of contract requirements can be confusing to understand how it works. Generally, Verizon will supply all new customers with their approved router, install a Verizon Ont on the basis that each month, a small fee is added to your account, levied as the lease of equipment.

Verizon has a 30-day FIOS equipment return policy in general. You will be charged an unreturned equipment fee if you do not follow their terms and conditions when returning Fios equipment.

Please return all Verizon Fios equipment within 30 days of the day your service is disconnected to avoid being charged an unreturned equipment charge.

Verizon’s 30-day policy applies to all leased FIOS equipment that is in new or in used condition. If you decide you do not want their service anymore or your end of the contract, you must return all of their leased equipment within 30 days to avoid paying an unreturned equipment fee.

Returning to Verizon Networking Equipment: What to expect when returning Verizon Fios equipment

When you are ready to return your Verizon Fios equipment, there are some things to expect. First and foremost, Verizon will require a Return Authorization (RA) number before beginning the process of returning your equipment.

This RA number can be found on the packing slip that was included in your box or mailed to you after your purchase. Once you have obtained the RA number, simply call 1-800-VERIZON (1-800-937-8997) and provide the RA number when prompted.

You will then be asked to provide your account information including your account type (Fios TV, Fios Internet, or Phone), date of purchase, and model of equipment being returned.

After supplying this information, you will be transferred to a customer service representative who can walk you through the entire return process.

Step 1: Package the Verizon equipment to be returned

If you are returning Verizon equipment, the process begins by packaging it up to make the return as easy as possible. Follow these simple steps:

  • Pack the equipment in its original box and packing materials.
  • Label the box with your name, address, and phone number.
  • Include a note explaining why you are returning the equipment.
  • Enclose any documentation that came with the equipment (e.g., manual, warranty cards).
  • Ship the package via certified mail or UPS.

Step 2: Prepare your Verizon Fios equipment return shipping label

If you are returning your Verizon Fios equipment, you will need to create a return shipping label. Here is how to do it:

  • 1. Log into your account online (
  • 2. Click on My Account on the top left of the page and select View Returns & Replacements under My Services.
  • 3. Click on the Equipment Returns link in the left column of this page and follow the instructions on the screen to create your return shipping label.
  • 4. Print out your return shipping label and attach it to your returned equipment package.
  • 5. Return your equipment package to any participating retailer that offers returns or replacements for Verizon Fios products in accordance with its policy

Step 3: Ship the old equipment back to Verizon

If you are only replacing old Verizon and you have successfully installed the new equipment and it is working properly, all you need to do is ship the old equipment back to Verizon. Follow these steps:

  • 1. Locate your equipment’s shipping label.
  • 2. Follow the instructions on the shipping label to pack and ship your equipment.
  • 3. Once your equipment arrives at Verizon, they will unpack it and make any necessary adjustments to your account so you do not get charged unreturned equipment fees.
  • 4. Reinstall the Verizon software on the new device and start using it!

Step 4: Tracking your Verizon Fios returned equipment delivery.

Once you have shipped your Verizon Fios returned equipment, it’s important to stay organized. Contacting your local verizon rep with the tracking number of your package is the best way to ensure that it arrives at the return center on time and in good condition. Here are a few tips for tracking your Fios returned equipment:


1. Share your fios return equipment tracking number when you ship your package. This will help you keep track of its location and make it easier to identify if there are any problems with its delivery.

2. If you don’t have a tracking number, use the receipt that UPS or USPS gave you as your primary source of information. The date and time on this receipt will show when your package is expected to be delivered to your Verizon returns center.

If you decide that you do not want their service anymore or your end of the contract has come, you must return all equipment in good condition and without any damage.

If the equipment is damaged, it must be fixed before returning. If you cannot fix the equipment, then you must find expect a fee from your fios provider.

Thankfully, there are a few things that you can do to avoid this kind of problem. First and foremost, make sure that you return all of your equipment when it’s time for service termination. Second, keep track of what equipment you have and what equipment you’ve already returned.

According to Verizon, the equipment return policy requirements were put in place in order to improve customer service and satisfaction.

If you’re nearing the end of your Verizon Fios internet and cable contract term, there are a few ways to return leased equipment.

If you’re nearing the end of your Verizon Fios internet and cable contract term, there are a few ways to keep your service. You can upgrade to a higher tier plan, cancel your service altogether, or stay on the same plan but switch providers.

Keep in mind that if you choose to switch providers, you may lose some of the benefits associated with being a Verizon Fios customer, like free DVR recording and access to exclusive content.

When you’re searching for a new cable and internet provider, it’s important to keep in mind that not all of the benefits associated with your current plan will be available with your new provider.

For example, if you choose to switch providers, you may lose some of the benefits associated with your current policy, such as guaranteed data throughput and bandwidth, lifetime coverage and discounted rates for your ISP approved equipment like the Fios router.

Before making a decision about whether or not to switch providers, be sure to read your policy documents carefully so you know exactly what you’re losing and what you need to do in order to maintain those benefits.

How to Return Verizon Equipment?

The first option is to contact Verizon and request a return authorization number. You’ll need this information before returning the equipment.

If you’re at the end of your Verizon contract, or you are simply having trouble with your Verizon cable, internet, and phone, the first option is to contact them and request a return authorization number. This will allow you to send your phone back for a replacement or refund. Make sure you have all of the information required for the process, including your account number and contact information.

The second option is to send the equipment back yourself. You’ll need to pack it up in the original packaging and include the Return Authorization Number that you received from Verizon.

Once you choose to send the equipment back yourself, be sure to pack it up in the original box and include all of the documentation that came with it.

Anyone considering sending your equipment back to Verizon for repairs or replacement, be sure to pack it up in the original box and include all of the original paperwork.

Include a letter confirming or a copy of the contract that shows you are either sending the Fios the equipment back at the end of your contract or for replacement, as well as any pertinent documentation such as the warranty card or packing list.

Having this information will help streamline the repair process and ensure that you receive appropriate reimbursement.

The last option is to have someone else return your Verizon Fios equipment for you. This is the easiest option if you don’t want to take time out of your schedule to return the equipment yourself.

If you’re returning your Verizon Fios service because you want to switch to another provider, the last option is to have someone else return your equipment for you. This is an easy process, but it’s important to understand the risks involved.

If the person returning your equipment doesn’t follow all the correct steps, you could end up with a defective or damaged device.

Additionally, if the person isn’t authorized by Verizon to return your equipment, they may be subject to fines. Before taking any action, be sure to read the Verizon equipment return policy guide which explains everything you need to know on how to return Fios equipment for a refund.

Verizon Business Solutions Equipment Returns

In today’s business world, there is a growing demand for efficient and effective machinery. This is why Verizon Business Solutions has developed a range of equipment that can help businesses get the most out of their operations. From networking and telecommunications equipment to industrial machines and software, the selection of business solutions always has something for everyone.

However, at the end of every business service contract, Verizon will still need those Verizon business solutions equipment returned.

If you need to return or exchange your Verizon Business Solutions equipment, they have an experienced team of staff equipped with the knowledge necessary to process your return of equipment quickly and efficiently.

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