Why is spectrum internet so bad: Reason Why Spectrum Internet Is So Slow All Of A Sudden?

Why is spectrum internet so bad

Despite Spectrum’s high-speed internet connections gaining tremendous popularity, many have complained that it has been running rather slowly as of late.

And, it begs for questions that would explain why Spectrum internet is so bad.

As a general guide, Spectrum’s internet connection can get so bad in other areas where demand for data capacity per square mile is greater than what can be supplied by Spectrum’s network equipment.

The only way to fix speed problems is through adding capacity, but it’s not that easy when you have millions of customers using the service.

Spectrum offers an always-on connection that gives its users internet speeds up to 300 Mbps in some areas. Sadly, many have been complaining that they’re not getting anywhere close to their internet speeds. Details on why the spectrum internet is so bad despite using some of the fastest computers with high spec processors will be discussed in the following paragraphs.

If you notice a sudden decrease in your internet’s speed, there are a few reasons for this:

  • Maintainance & Software Updates: Spectrum had some outages before which required them to run a software update that misconfigured users’ modems. Afterward, they had to perform some work on their network which would require people to reset their modem if the connection gets too slow.
  • Spectrum’s Hardware: Spectrum uses Motorola SurfBoard cable modems, and while they are highly recommended because of the strong signals it sends out to control your entire home internet, it can be slow when handling more than one device.
  • Spectrum Throttling: Spectrum gives you access to an “always-on” connection, which is something all their customers love. However, they may “throttle” or slow down your speed if you stream too much data or download huge files that would overwhelm the network.
  • Spectrum’s Network Capacity: As mentioned above, Spectrum has limited network capacity for its customers in areas where demand for data is high. If you are located in a part of the city that is dense with people, then the likelihood that you would be stuck with slow connection speeds will increase tremendously.

To maximize your internet speed, avoid playing online games or downloading files at night when everyone else is doing the same, because this will slow you down.

The best time to do so is either early in the morning or late at night, before everyone wakes up and starts using their internet connection. If possible, also avoid using your modem’s Wi-Fi feature to connect your wireless devices to your Spectrum wifi network as it can affect your connection too.

If you are experiencing internet connection problems, the best way to fix it is to reset your modem and router before calling Spectrum customer service. If you’re still having issues after doing that, then it’s time to contact customer support for help.

Spectrum Internet Speed Test – Why Is My Internet So Bad? | Spectrum Internet Speed Test

How to improve speed problems on spectrum internet. If you’re experiencing sudden changes in your connection’s speed, here’s what you need to do:

Reset Your Modem and Router: Before doing anything else, try turning off your computer and modem and unplugging the router. Afterward, wait for at least 1 hour before you turn your devices back on.

If there are other people in your household who are also experiencing internet connection problems, it’s best to call Spectrum first before doing anything else. You can then schedule a time that is convenient for both of you, and the customer support technician would be able to help you fix your internet speed issues.

If resetting your modem and router doesn’t work, then it’s best to call Spectrum customer support for additional assistance.

However, if you’re still having problems after that point, then there may be some loose cables on the side of the road that is affecting your wifi connection outside your house.

Why Is Spectrum Wifi So Weak In Your Home?

Spectrum’s Wifi weak signal can be caused by many reasons. If you have multiple people surfing the web on their phones or tablets, then your internet connection will definitely be affected.

Spectrum has a limited amount of bandwidth capacity for its users, so if too many people are accessing the same Wi-Fi network at once, then not everyone is going to get proper speeds.

Also, if you have faulty cables on your side of the road, then it can affect your wifi connection’s speed. That will mean that you’ll need to get more people to help lay down new cables in areas where they are needed.

If your Spectrum home internet’s Wifi signal connection is weak and inaccessible in other parts of your home, then there are a few things you can do to fix the problem:

  • Re-position Your Router: If your router is located in an area that gets direct sunlight, then this will weaken the signal to the rest of your home where you need Wifi access. Try moving it to another part of your house with less exposure to natural light.
  • Signal Interference: Your modem’s wireless network may also be facing signal interference from other electronic devices that are using the same wifi band. Some of these devices include microwave ovens, baby monitors, cordless phones, garage door openers, security systems and home automation devices.

To solve this problem you need to move your Spectrum modem away from these types of devices. Also, try switching your wifi channel to 2.4 Ghz or 11 for better results.

If you are still experiencing signal problems after re-positioning your modem and router and switching channels, then it’s probably time to upgrade to a more advanced wireless router with the latest technologies that provide strong signals everywhere in your home.

How can I make my spectrum Wi-Fi stronger?

When your Spectrum Wifi suffers from signal issues, there are quick fixes you can do to make your Spectrum Wifi stronger.

Choose Your Spectrum Router’s Location Strategically.

The location you choose to terminate your fiber to the home internet router will most likely determine its strength.

Before assuming that by moving your router to a new location you will solve all of your Wifi problems, there are some things you must take into consideration.

Whole home DVR customers are allowed one primary modem and three additional modems, which can be used for wireless access points or routers. You can find the primary modem and additional modems in your basement and other strategic locations.

Every Spectrum internet account comes with a wireless router or access point, which provides Wi-Fi to every device on your network. If you have this kind of package, then keeping all routers centrally located can maximize Wifi strength throughout your house.

First, you’ll have to find the optimal location for your router by following these steps:

Find a central part of your house where there are no obstructions that block the wifi signal.

Place your wireless router on a flat surface, or mount it on a wall with all sides accessible to allow better Wifi reception.

Make sure that your router has a direct line of sight to your cable modem or gateway, where the fiber terminates.

If all else fails and you still have problems trying to get Internet using your spectrum router, then it’s time to upgrade to a more advanced wireless router that can produce a strong signal throughout your home.

Avoid signal blockers, such as baby monitors, wireless headphones, microwaves, etc.

While baby monitors, wireless headphone seem so innocent, in the larger scheme of things they can severely affect your spectrum wifi signal and cause your internet speeds to suffer.

Baby Monitors: Baby monitors come with two frequencies, 2.4 Ghz and 5.8Ghz. If you have a baby monitor on any of those frequencies within the range of your wireless router or spectrum modem, then it will weaken the spectrum Wifi signal and cause issues such as slow speeds.

Wireless Headphones: Wireless headphones usually connect to your smartphone on the 2.4 Ghz band, which adds even more load to the spectrum Wifi signal on that frequency. If you have any wireless headphones or earpieces connected to your phone or laptop, then this will also weaken your spectrum wifi signal.

Microwaves: Microwave ovens use the 2.4 Ghz spectrum to cook food, so if you have a microwave or any other 2.4 Ghz device within range of your router or modem, then it can mess up your spectrum Wifi signal and cause issues such as slow speeds.

Place your router away from obstructions such as cabinets, windows, etc.

Common home furnishings like cabinets, couches, chairs and tables can all block your spectrum Wifi signal.

If you place your wireless router in a location where there are walls or objects blocking the 2.4 Ghz and 5.8 Ghz frequencies, then it will weaken the spectrum wifi signal and cause issues such as slow speeds.

Make sure that you have a direct line of site between your cable modem or gateway and your spectrum router to avoid interference and get the best possible speeds.

The two things affecting the signal from your internet provider are distance from the point where the fiber terminates in your house to your router, and the number of walls your signal has to go through.

If you live in a large home, or have interference coming from outside the house affecting the signal, then it may be best for you to use an additional wireless access point with your spectrum modem instead of relying on just your spectrum routers built-in Wifi signal.

An access point is a device that receives Internet signals from your modem, bridges the gap between them and allows you to use Wifi on devices throughout your home.

If you’re having major issues with speeds throughout the house, then an additional wireless access point may be just what you need to get better speeds in every room of your home.

Plot the wifi signal strength of your spectrum router over time, so you can tell when it’s at its strongest or weakest point.

You can use an app to plot the wifi signal strength throughout the day on your spectrum router, and then look for trends in certain times of day where it may be weaker than usual.

Periodically, reboot your modem and router.

Keeping your home internet hardware up to date is one of the best ways to avoid Spectrum slow internet.

Periodical router software updates, rebooting your modem helps to clear outdated firmware and remove any errors preventing you from attaining the maximum speeds for your Spectrum internet service.

If your internet is slow and it’s not because of any of these factors, then contact Spectrum Customer Service and they will help you to determine if there’s anything that can be done.

Does spectrum throttle your speed?

While data throttling is not a widespread practice, it is definitely a real thing.

Are you under the impression that your internet service provider has no control over the speed of your home internet, and it’s all up to you, your devices and your location? Then you might be wrong.

As a general guide, Spectrum can throttle your home or wide area internet speed. All internet service providers can slow down the speed of your home internet if they choose to do so.

Data provisioning, data transfer demands, or too much devices connected to your home internet at once are just some of the factors that internet service providers take into consideration before they decide to data throttle your home internet.

But, what about less technical things like delivering faster speeds in certain areas? Or, are there simple ways to avoid spectrum slow internet issues?

Spectrum has very limited throttling abilities without losing customers, but it could In cases where there are, for example, too many devices connected to the internet at once.

Data throttling is also used in areas with poor service or an increased customer base, where speeds might have to be slowed down so that every user has a decent speed.

So before you start thinking about your internet connection being slow because spectrum throttles data speeds, let’s look at some ways to avoid spectrum slow internet that are not caused by throttling.

Spectrum is an internet service provider, and they can control the speed of your home internet through data provisioning. Or, if you have a certain amount of data allotted to you per month, Spectrum can also increase or decrease speeds based on how much data you use.

So, there are definitely some things that Spectrum can control when it comes to your internet speed, but having a lot of devices connected to your home internet or the location of where you live cannot be helped by Spectrum.

How do I know if my spectrum connection is being throttled?

If you notice an overall decrease in speeds on your internet service, go to speedtest.net and make sure that you are getting the speeds you are paying for.

If there is a difference of more than 10%, then it might be time to investigate further into why spectrum slow internet is occurring.

It’s also good to note that many factors can attribute to poor internet speeds, so if you notice that it is only happening on one device or in one area of your home, then it’s more than likely not due to Spectrum throttling.

What about the availability of my spectrum service?

If there are issues with internet connectivity (with or without wifi), try using a direct ethernet cable connection instead, it’s possible that your internet service provider has an outage and spectrum slow internet is occurring as a result.

Sometimes, this type of problem can be fixed rather easily by just calling spectrum support and checking for any outages in your local area or region.

The thing to remember about data throttling is that it doesn’t happen very often and usually manifests itself as slow internet speeds overall.

It may sound like a conspiracy theory if you’ve never heard of data throttling before seeing the Spectrum example, but for those who have experienced reduced speeds due to network congestion, then you know exactly what I’m talking about.

Can I sue Spectrum for slow internet?

When you sign up for Spectrum’s cable and highspeed internet, you are promised the speeds that you pay for.

If you notice a difference of 20% or more in your internet speed after one month, then it might be time to investigate further into why spectrum slow internet is occurring.

As a general guide, Spectrum can be sued for any violations of the service level agreement and contract agreement (deliverables) and not for slow internet connections.

It’s also good to note that many factors can attribute to poor internet speeds, so if you notice that it is only happening on one device or in one area of your home then it’s more than likely not due to spectrum throttling.

Does Spectrum Slow Down Your Internet?

As a general guide, Spectrum does not slow down your internet. They can throttle your speed if your data capacity is breached. Spectrum may also limit your speeds if you use too much data in a month.

You would know if Spectrum was slowing down your internet as you will notice an overall decrease in internet speeds.

If it’s happening, call Spectrum and investigate the issue further with them. It is worth noting that many factors can attribute to poor internet speeds, and that includes too many gadgets connected to your home network, the location of where you live, and so on.

If your internet data capacity is breached you will have slow speeds until the next billing cycle starts, but once your new billing cycle starts, you should experience high speeds again. You can contact Spectrum to check if they are having any type of problem that might be causing reduced internet speeds in your area.

Typically, Spectrum will not slow down your internet speed. They simply cannot increase or decrease data provisioning without losing customers, but if there are too many devices connected to the internet at once, or you are over-clocking your monthly allotted data limits in the subscription plan, data throttling might be necessary.

Why does Spectrum Internet slow down at night?

While Spectrum internet is reliably fast, there are many things that can cause a spectrum internet connection to slow down at night or when it’s very early in the morning.

In general, Spectrum internet slows down at night due to demand and internet traffic. At night, most homes with Spectrum highspeed internet will likely be streaming Netflix, Hulu or way too many gadgets connected to your home network, creating bottlenecks and ultimately slowing down your internet speed during peak hours.

Spectrum used to throttle their customers at certain points of the day and night, but that was before net neutrality rules. Nowadays, Spectrum cannot throttle customer data speeds anymore, so there is no need for spectrum internet to slow near bedtime.

Spectrum internet has been known to throttle speeds during peak hours, but this is usually only done if there is network congestion and data capacity has been breached.

If your internet connection drops dramatically during a certain time of day, then it’s best to contact spectrum.

Spectrum might have a format for what time of day internet connection speeds are reduced, so if you notice that your service is throttled always between or before certain hours, then contact Spectrum or other ISP providers to discuss this issue.

As a general rule of thumb, Spectrum cannot slow down your data speeds, but they can lower rates when customers exceed data capacity. If you want to make sure that your internet speeds aren’t being throttled this is the best way to ensure that in the future.

Spectrum Data Cap & Throttling

Spectrum has an internet data cap that restricts how much information customers are allowed to download during certain periods of time.

Spectrum’s data cap is currently at 1TB per month, which in 2017 might seem like a lot of internet usage, but not too long ago 100GB was the limit for Spectrum data caps.

If you are nearing your 1TB data cap then that amount might need to be optimized depending on how many devices are connected to the internet at once and how much data is used during peak hours.

Spectrum Data Throttling: Is Spectrum Internet Slow When DDoS Attacked?

Spectrum has been known to throttle speeds in times of high network congestion, but this has only occurred in extreme cases such as when a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack

Is Spectrum Router Slowing My Home Internet?

Spectrum’s routers or approved Spectrum equipment can be used to connect homes to the internet, but how good are Spectrum internet routers, do they affect the internet connection speeds?

If you use your own router, like a third party router, then there is nothing Spectrum can do to throttle your internet speeds or restrict your access.

Spectrum uses DOCSIS 3.0 technology which does not allow for prioritization of the traffic that passes through the cable does not have any effect on the speeds of your home broadband connection.

For example, if you are subscribed to Spectrum internet 100Mbps. This means that you will get up to 100 Mbps download and upload speed during business hours (peak) and up to 10 Mbps during off-peak hours like late night / early morning. The only way the router could affect your internet speed is if you are using a very old router that can’t handle data capacity.

Is Spectrum Internet Slow During Peak Hours?

Spectrum has the ability to throttle speeds during peak hours, but this isn’t something that spectrum does automatically. If your connection slows down or becomes inconsistent then you’ll need to contact Spectrum for help. If your data usage has exceeded the 1TB cap then you might experience throttling during peak hours.

Spectrum internet speed is usually slowed down due to network congestion, so there are other factors that could affect speeds during peak hours besides the internet plan someone subscribes to or what router they use.

Contact Spectrum or your ISP provider if you believe that your internet speed is being throttled.

Spectrum Internet Data Cap & Throttling: Spectrum Bandwidth Caps Explained

Spectrum offers different internet plans and these plans have a data cap associated with them.

The amount of bandwidth someone can use during certain periods of time is controlled by the plan they subscribe to and their internet usage.

There are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to your data cap with Spectrum. Firstly, the 1TB limit is for anyone who has an internet plan of 100Mbps or higher, which represents most customers.

The majority of users will never hit the 1TB bandwidth cap and if they do then this is an indicator that a user is using their internet connection excessively, or a family member within the same house is.

Spectrum Data Throttling: How to Avoid Throttling with Spectrum?

The best way to avoid data caps and throttling from your ISP is by monitoring your usage, calculating how much data you’re going to use every month then comparing it to the data cap offered by Spectrum.

If you’re using a capped internet plan and want to upgrade then you could get a larger bandwidth (and data cap) plan, but if the next package is more expensive than what you are currently paying for then it might be cheaper to upgrade your router or subscription.

Spectrum’s modem routers should not affect your internet speeds as they use DOCSIS 3.0 technology and prioritize packets based on protocol (TCP, UDP etc.).

The only way to avoid speed throttling from Spectrum is by using a third-party router. If you want to stick with the router that Spectrum provides then make sure it’s one of the approved devices and does not affect your internet speeds.

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