Why Is the Samsung tv keeps losing HDMI signal?

With the majority of top tv brands using HDMI cables to connect to media sources like AVR, gaming rig, and streaming devices, It can be devastating to see that your trusted Samsung tv keeps losing HDMI signal intermittently.

As much as most HDMI signal issues are blamed on low quality or bad HDMI, it’s actually a common problem among Samsung smart TV users to experience a sudden loss of HDMI signal. And the question most people have is why do Samsung smart TVs keep losing HDMI signals?

As a general guide, Samsung smart TV’s often lost their HDMI signal due to the following:

Bad quality HDMI cable

The majority of the time, a bad HDMI cable is why your Samsung smart TV keeps losing its HDMI signal. A faulty cable can result in a lack of stable connection and intermittent connectivity between your media source and tv.

If you find that the issue only occurs when you use a particular HDMI cable, then this should help in identifying the problem. And in that case, you can try to change your HDMI cable with another one or even replace it if still not working.

An unstable power supply

If your Samsung smart TV keeps losing its HDMI connection while connected to an AVR or gaming rig, then this might be due to unstable power coming from the wall outlet into your HDMI switcher.

To check if it’s the case, try plugging in your tv directly into the wall power outlet and see if the HDMI connection is stable.

If you find that there is no issue with connecting to the power source unplugged from any switch or AVR, then this might be a sign of an unstable power supply coming from your wall socket. You can try to plug your device into a power strip or UPS.

Poor HDMI port on the tv

If you are using an AV receiver or switching devices with multiple HDMI ports, then it is common for one of the ports on this switcher to work while some don’t. If this happens to your Samsung smart TV , simply try connecting your media source to another HDMI port on the switcher.

If after trying all of these and you still suspect your Samsung TV keeps losing hdmi signal, You can check out more about HDMI cable tips and how to fix daily common HDMI setup issues.

Oftentimes than necessary, people blame it on bad HDMI cables, faulty devices like Blu-ray players, game consoles, and AVRs. In any way, it is always recommended to use a good quality HDMI cable with proper length when connecting devices.

How to tell if HDMI port is damaged

As most of the HDMI loss of signal are triggered by damaged HDMI ports, its vital for you to check the ports on your TV. If you find that one of the HDMI port is damaged, then it’s likely causing the loss of signal issue. But, how do you tell if an HDMI port on your Smart tv is damaged or not?

As a general guide, you can tell if your HDMI port on your smart TV is damaged by using the following steps:

1. Turn off your TV and unplug it from the power line: Turning off your tv and unplugging helps reset the HDMI port on your Samsung Smart TV.

2. Unplug your smart tv from the AVR or switcher: This step helps eliminate any possible interference between different devices that may have caused an unstable HDMI connection.

3. Using a sharp object, probe on each of the HDMI ports to check if there are any loose wires internally inside.

4. Check for physical damage like scratches and dents on the HDMI port that might obstruct an adequate connection with media source devices like Blu-ray player or gaming rig.

5. If there is nothing visible, plug in a different device to check if the HDMI port is damaged or not

If your smart tv still loses HDMI signal after trying the above 3 procedures, then its probably time for you to call Samsung customer service and get it replaced.

Overheating issues with Samsung Smart TVs

For some reason, overheating can trigger an intermittent loss in HD connectivity. This might be due to dust-filled fan chambers or faulty wiring of the motherboard. Either way, you’ll need to open up your smart TV and check for dust or any damaged wiring inside.

HDMI streaming devices like Amazon fire Sticks are also a common trigger for smart TVs overheating. When plugged directly into your Samsung TV, they tend to get warm.

But if you plug them via an HDMI long cable or via an HDMI switcher, the heat output is lesser and it helps in keeping your TV functional for longer hours.


Overall, the most common cause for Samsung smart TVs to lose signal is a bad HDMI cable. And you should always check and replace it to prevent your media source from disconnecting frequently while streaming video.

Hopefully, the information we’ve provided has managed to help you resolve any issues with connection loss to your Samsung Smart TV and resolved all of your concerns related to why is my tv losing the HDMI signal.

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