Why Won’t My Apple Watch Charge

Finding out that your apple watch won’t charge is one of the most frustrating things especially if you do not know the cause. You might be asking yourself, why won’t my apple watch charge? In this post, I’ll go through some of the possible reasons why your Apple Watch won’t charge.

If your Apple Watch isn’t charging, it might be due to a software glitch or hardware issue. Software up or Apple watch’s iOS patch updates sometime triggers unexpected driver glitches that affects the way Apple watch works. An obstruction prohibiting the charger from communicating with the Apple Watch is the most typical cause for the apple watch not charging.

 If there is a software problem, the watch may resume charging after the problem is resolved. It is also possible that the watch has some kind of defect and you will have to return it to the manufacturer for a replacement or repair. 

What Should I Do If My Apple Watch won’t Charge?

If you find that your apple watch won’t charge, there are several troubleshooting tips that you can follow. The following are the troubleshooting tips that can be followed. 

Examine the connections. You must thoroughly inspect your connections if you are using a stand or charging dock. You need to make sure that the watch creates a secure connection with the disk for it to properly charge or function properly.

 It may be necessary to remove the charging disk from the stand or dock and charge your Apple Watch independently if the connection is not creating a stable connection.


Also, check to be that the cable connecting the power block as well as the charging disk is completely and firmly placed in the connector on each end of the cable on either end. If the cable is not properly connected on either end, it has the potential to break the charging link.


Examine the cables for signs of wear. A ragged or broken wire or charging disk may prevent your watch from charging properly. Whenever possible, it is recommended to replace the charging disks, charging block, as well as charging cable with genuine Apple hardware before attempting to charge the device.

Restart your Apple Watch and then attempt to charge it once again. If your watch is still powered up, you may try restarting it, which will accomplish two factors at once. 

First and foremost, it will correct all software issues that may be allowing your watch battery to drain quicker than it is charging.

 Also removed from the equation will be everything that may force your charger to discharge more rapidly than it would otherwise.


Force restart the watch. You may force a restart on your watch if it is not responding. To do this, press and hold the side button as well as the digital crown together until the watch switches off. 

After that, wait some minutes and afterward push the side button to switch on once again. Allow it to complete restarting before attempting to charge it again.


Replace the watch on the charger and see if it helps. Fortunately, since Apple Watch charges magnetically, just shifting the charger and the watch around a bit to reenable them more firmly may resolve the issue in certain instances. 

To test whether or not you can get the charge to commence, gently turn the charger on the bottom of your watch.


The charger and watch should be clean. Any dirt or debris that prevents your smartphone from establishing a secure connection with the charger may result in it failing to charge. Layers of perspiration, lotions, and cosmetics are all examples of debris.

 Cleaning the rear of the Apple watch as well as the charging disk with a lightly moist towel can help to eliminate any dirt or build-up that has accumulated over time. 

If you have persistent filth, a little moist alcohol pad applied with mild pressure can work wonders. Remove the watch from the water as soon as possible and dry it with a soft, dry towel.


Also, double-check that you have removed the plastic that was used to cover the watch as well as the charging disk while it was in transit. It’s convenient to leave them on when you first start wearing your Watch since it helps keep everything looking fresh and new, but they may create enough disruption that your watch won’t charge properly after that.


There are a variety of reasons why your Apple Watch isn’t charging properly. This may be triggered by a hardware issue in some cases, and it can also be caused by a software issue in other cases. Certain fixes can be made to your apple watch that will resolve the issue, regardless of the underlying reason. We hope that the information in this post was useful in repairing your Apple Watch.

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