Why Won’t My Apple Watch Turn On?

You might be wondering why your apple watch won’t turn on. Despite your efforts, nothing happens when you push and hold the Power button! In this post, I’ll explain why your Apple Watch won’t switch on and explain how to resolve the issue for good.

When the Apple Watch won’t turn on, the most common causes are a software driver bug or a low battery. Updates to the Apple Watch’s firmware or iOS patches often result in bugs that prevent the device from working properly or turning on at all. If your Apple watch still won’t turn on after an update, you can force a restart by pressing and holding both of the watch’s buttons.

Before concluding that the problem is with the Apple Watch in question, you need to charge it using the recommended wireless charger or power cords and chargers.

Force your Apple Watch to restart if it still won’t turn on or charge. For at least 10 seconds, press and hold both the side button and the Digital Crown.


There are a number of reasons why your Apple Watch won’t start up beyond what I have shared with you here. However, the majority of these issues can be quickly and easily resolved.

There are a number of settings that might make an Apple Watch seem to be dead or frozen, while in fact, the Watch is performing precisely what it should be doing. For example, the screen curtain setting on apple watches. Hardware problems can also be the root cause for the apple watch not turning on.


How Can I Get My Apple Watch to Turn On?

In the event that your Apple Watch is unable to be turned on, there are various possible solutions you may attempt. The solutions to this problem are explained below:


Make sure your watch is charging properly. One of the most typical reasons why the apple watch would not spin is because the battery has died. Consequently, you must connect the watch to its charging cable.

 Try a new cable or charger if this does not work to see whether it is the charger itself that is creating problems. If the apple watch still does not come on after trying many different chargers, you may need to replace the battery. You should experiment with other options.


Reset Apple Watch. Conducting a hard reset on your apple watch can help in fixing the problem. This can be done by pressing and holding the digital crown and side button for around 10 to 15 seconds.

 Stop pressing the buttons once you see the Apple logo displayed n your watch. Your Apple Watch will automatically switch back on a short time later. If the hard reset was successful in restoring your Apple Watch, the reason is that the software had crashed, causing the display to look black. 

Ensure that the Power Reserve is not activated. Usually, a lot of people mistakenly place their apple watch in power reserve mode. This can make you believe that the apple watch won’t turn on. 

This happens a lot at the time you have just bought your apple watch. Power Reserve is a function that allows you to prolong the longevity of your Apple Watch’s battery by turning off most of its other capabilities excluding the current time. 


Pressing and holding the side button to the point the apple logo is displayed on your screen can remove the apple watch in power reserve mode. The watch is no longer in the power reserve mode after it has been rebooted. 

VoiceOver and the Screen Curtain should be turned off. The apple watch has a function called screen curtain which is an esoteric feature. With this feature, you can turn off your watch’s screen even while the apple watch is on. Screen Curtain prevents you from utilizing your Apple Watch’s physical buttons and instead forces you to use the VoiceOver feature.

This feature can be turned off by opening the apple watch application on your iPhone, then going to accessibility and choosing voice-over. Turn off the switch that is next to the screen curtain. 

Potential Hardware Problems. If your watch is still not turning on after attempting a number of different solutions, a hardware fault may be the underlying cause of the problem with the watch. The majority of the time, this occurs after the item has been dropped in water or exposed to water for an extended period of time.



An issue with the software driver or a low battery level are two common causes of an Apple Watch not powering on. There are glitches that can prevent the Apple Watch from working or turning on when the firmware or iOS patches are applied. 

The only way to force-restart your Apple Watch after an update fails is to hold down both of its buttons.

Prior to concluding that the Apple Watch in question has a problem, you must first charge it using a wireless charger or a power cord and charger recommended by the manufacturer.

If your Apple Watch still won’t turn on or charge, the usual solution is to force a restart of the device. For at least 10 seconds, press and hold both the side button and the Digital Crown..


It is possible that your Apple Watch won’t turn on for a variety of reasons. Most of these, on the other hand, are trivial to fix.

It is possible that your apple watch may not turn on due to a dead battery, hardware failure, or incorrect configurations, among other things. If your Apple Watch won’t switch on, don’t be alarmed; there are a number of patches that can be performed to your Apple Watch to get it working again.

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