Why Won’t My PS4 Turn On?

Is your PS4 failing to turn on? if this is the case, you may be wondering what it is that is preventing your PS4 from turning on. In this article, I will explain why your PS4 won’t turn on and what you can do to go back to playing your favorite games as soon as possible.


In general, if your PlayStation 4 won’t turn on, it could be due to hardware or software failure, bad software or firmware, or a power supply issue that’s causing a PlayStation 4 not to turn on. And, if you suspect you are dealing with hardware issues such as faulty power supplies and faulty power buttons, it’s best to ask the experts for help.

 Fortunately, most problems with your PS4 are software or power-related, so you’re more likely than not going to be able to get it working again without spending a lot of money.

Hardware concerns, such as faulty power supply and faulty power buttons, should be left to the experts. Software and power problems are often a lot simpler to resolve, so there’s a strong probability you will be able to get your PS4 back up and running without incurring a large repair expense in the process.


It’s common for software errors to keep a PlayStation 4 from booting up, and the most common causes include an unfinished firmware upgrade, damaged data, or even a broken hard drive. All of these issues are simple to resolve, and your PS4 is equipped with a built-in safe mode that you can utilize to execute a variety of repairs.


Power problems are also rather simple to detect and resolve the vast majority of the time. It’s possible that you’re experiencing issues with your power connection, power strips, surge protector, or perhaps an outlet.

By meticulously experimenting with varying configurations, you may safely discover the root of this sort of issue and then correct it without risking your safety.


How to Fix PS4 Not Working Problem?

Here are troubleshooting strategies to attempt to find out what’s wrong with your device and get it back up and running.


Unplug the power wire from the wall outlet. The process of disconnecting the power cord for approximately 30 seconds and afterward reconnecting it may assist in the resolution of problems by serving as a rapid restart. The power cord connects to the back of your PS4, but you may also unplug it at the other end, in the outlet, if that is your preferred method of operation.

Carry out a power cycling exercise. Power cycling is a more powerful version of merely removing the power line, and it may assist you in resolving minor difficulties with your PS4’s powering on and off. Keep pressing the power switch till the power light has stopped flashing.

Disconnect the device from the power source and leave it alone for about 20 minutes. Then re-establish the connection between your machine and the internet.


Replace the PS4 power cable with a new one. If you’re still experiencing problems turning on your PS4, the problem may be with your power cable. Changing it may assist you in determining if this is the source of the issue that has been keeping your devices from turning on, or whether the fault is somewhere else.


Experiment using a new power strip or wall outlet. If the power cable is not the source of the problem, you may be experiencing other power-related problems. So switching to another outlet or utilizing a separate power strip may be beneficial.

Insert the game disk. Depending on whether or not your PS4 is able to identify and pull in a game disc when you try to insert it, it may resume normal operation. If it doesn’t work, the issue may be with your hard drive or with the data on your computer’s hard disk.


Start the computer in safe mode. Starting your computer in safe mode can also help in solving the problem for you. The safe mode helps in diagnosing your PS4 and it will start without installing any software or drivers.

To start your PlayStation 4 in safe mode, press and hold the power button for some seconds till the console goes off. Next, go on and press as well as hold the power button for the second time until you hear two beeps.

Make sure your PS4 is clean. Your PS4 not powering on might be due to dirt or filth that has accumulated on or within your gadget, which is preventing it from functioning correctly.

As a result, cleaning your PlayStation 4 might be a useful troubleshooting tool. You can clean dust away using a soft cloth, compressed air, as well as cotton swabs, and you may need to have used a screwdriver and use it to get rid of any interior gunk that has accumulated over time.



If your PlayStation 4 won’t turn on, there are a number of possible causes. When a PlayStation 4 won’t turn on, it’s possible that a hardware or software failure, faulty software or firmware, or a power issue is to blame. 


Typically, hardware issues such as faulty power supplies and malfunctioning power buttons are best left to the professionals. There’s a good chance you won’t have to shell out a lot of money to fix your PS4 if it’s having issues with power or software, which are much easier to fix.

There are a variety of reasons why your PlayStation 4 may be experiencing difficulty starting or turning on. Defective power strips, a broken console, a faulty power outlet, software difficulties, dust, and bug accumulation are the most prevalent causes of this problem.

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